Friday, February 06, 2009

Tandale Modern Theatre - Mbereko - tanzanian pop

As I continue through the cassettes I bought in Tanzania, this one is one of the more obscure ones. I can't find virtually any reference at all to the group on the nets. Kind of half way between the traditional dancey band stuff and the gospel choir stuff, this one seems to be more of maybe a traditional local group. But some of the tunes are still really catchy with complex instrumentation. Probably my favorite is Shoga Kidokozi which you can both download and stream below. The funny thing is that even though I didn't know the term, it says online that Shoga is slang for gay man. So literally this song could mean "a little bit gay".

Mbereko (22 minutes long!)


Nipisheni Msinibane

Shoga Kidokozi
(stream below)


Unknown said...

HAhahahaha... little bit gay. No wonder why it's your favourite song Todd. - Nathan

Anonymous said...

Shoga is also a term used by women to refer to friendship between women. In this case its the latter.