Saturday, December 04, 2021

Russian Pop and Trance tapes from Kiev Ukraine

This is my monster Kiev, Ukraine post. I went with Dima, Roman and their friends to dj at club Xlib a few weekends ago and it was really a fantastic time. They did a hilarious write up on me in Timeout comparing me to Benny Hill (not because I was the main dj, but because I was the only one not from eastern Europe). Masha who is the promoter at Club Xlib (probably the only good independent club in Kiev) and a dj in her own right took great care of us. You can see my pics here.

Anyway - after going to Moscow and Bulgaria in the last year, I can declare Kiev as the winner. It's got lots of old beautiful buildings, it's laid out really nicely with little hills and broad avenues and even some river space. And the people are really friendly. Most of all, the have a huge excellent flea market with lots of 80s clothing, old records and most of all . . . tapes.

I picked up a few and this trance one is quite enjoyable. I also got a compilation of Russian pop which will put up soon. Can't say I ever could quite swallow the full trance sound when it came out first time, but this collection of rather synthy trance has something I really like. In particular, the track Cyclone Tracy - Guide to Eternity is amazing.

Side A to come later in weekend

Side B

1 - Vertigo - Oxygene

2 - Cyclone Tracy - Guide to Eternity

3 - Energy 32 - Cafe Del Mar

4 - Central Seven - The Operea

5 - Technology Entertained - Electronically

6 - Mach1 - Roadrunner

7 - Robert Miles - In My Dreams