Thursday, January 01, 2009

A.E. Bizottság - Kalandra Fel!! Hungarian post-punk

Sorry there has been a bit of a delay in the blogging. I am travelling for a month in Tanzania and Zanzibar, in east africa, so the Internet has not been foremost on my thoughts. Hopefully, I will find some excellent Taraab and Swahili music while here however and post one or two things up before February.

I don't know much about this cassette other than that I think it was part of a rock/post-punk movement in Hungary in the early 80s. I bought a whole bunch of Hungarian cassettes, including some from Beatrice (sp?) from someone at a small car boot sale behind the Dalston train station. Excellent! Some of this is really quite good stuff - I was surprised. Hopefully I will find a chance soon to upload the second half. Check out in particular the track Linaj, Linaj, Van-Van-Van.


A1Köszöntő [Address/Invitation]
A3Brutális [Brutal]
A4Konyhagyeplő [Kitchen Rein]
Guitar [Solo] - Y. Sándor Bernáth*
A5Linaj, Linaj, Van-Van-Van [Linay, Linay, Van-Van-Van]
A6Ne Nagyon Gesztikulálj [Don't Gesticulate So Much]
A7Vaniliaálomkex [Vanilia-Dream-Biscuit]
A8Bestia [Beast]
A9Versike [Rhyme]
A10Na Ne Hülyéskedj [Stop Kidding]
B1Egy Lány Kéne Nekem [I'd Need A Girl]
B2Már Megint Ez A Depresszió [Depression Back Again]
B3Nem Bírom A Gyűrődést [Pooped Out]
B4Mindez Én Vagyok [All That Is Me]
B6Szerelem, Szerelem [Love, Love]