Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Kinky Trax 2 - 1993 New York House

For all you surrealist Jackie 60 theatre drag queens, you lovers of mid week all-nighters at the Pyramid club, you wearers of long silver macs and fishnets at Save the Robots . . . Johnny Dynell, you lovers of the beat, of the legacy of new york speed disco, who understand that if you're in a corner dancing and the room smells like a smoke machine, and your hands are in the air waving, and no one can see you, but your trousers are somehow around your ankles, and it's just fantastic cause the beat is raw and simple and it's exactly what you want to be doing . . . this is for you - straight out of the tape bin at the Dalston Oxfam Shop.
"I used to think I was fierce because I was in all the houses . . . I used to munch trade for dollahs too. . . . but now I got someone waiting at home for me goddamit!"

Side One
1 Deep South  -  I Believe (5:02)
2 Joi + Jorio - I Won't Waste Your Time (6:24)
3 The Fog - Been A Long Time (6:33)
4 Nu-Solution - I Need You (6:00)
5 Marcy Lee - Special (5:46)
6 Jack & Jill - Work It Girlfriend (5:16)

Side Two
7 Michelle Ayers - Respect (6:32)
8 Masters At Work MAW Company featuring Xaviera Gold - Gonna Get Back To You (Ken Lou 12")(9:03)
9 Devastating - Wanna Be With You (8:08)
10 Kamar - In Every Way (4:53)
11 Jason Load Experience - Mainline (7:16)
12 Dana - For You (4:50)

The Mainline track is a cover of one of my favorite disco tracks by Black Ivory which you can download also on this amazing disco blog American Athlete.
And it's time again for our monthly African party Manifesto here in London - this Tuesday, 23 October at the Burlington Club off Regent Street. Kasai Masai will be playing live and they're supposed to be the highest profile band we've had. You should also check out the very eagerly anticipated live shows of Vampire Weekend this week in London and elsewhere in the UK.