Thursday, February 14, 2008

Urban 88

Been feeling like the late 80's have been neglected lately. People are loving early 90's rave and still searching for those early 80's new wave rarities, plus some are feeling a bit of a good disco revolution. But very few will drop the odd late 80's urban dance track in a dj set. Most of these tracks only sound really good on a good bass system, and I'm not crazy about all of them. But the Theme from P.O.P. is a fantastic acid based dance track. Also, as I am often suprised to find, this cassette has tracks which feature almost no where else from big artists (much as was the case in this previous blog for Aphex Twin and Oasis) - more than one track on the second side are mixed or written by Norman Cook aka Fatboy Slim in his early days and are almost only available on this cassette. The Urban All Stars was him and so is the Rockaway Three. FYI - most of the bits about It Came From Africa that I like which Norman used actually come from an amazing old disco track called I Believe in Miracles by the Jackson Sisters which you can download on the Butter Team blog.

On another note, I have started a new blog - Der Fresh Creamy. As the Dalston Oxfam Sh0p blog is really limited to old cassettes and that kind of thing, and yet I spend a lot of time finding new music (as I sit in front of a computer all day) and hear about things from other friends who dj in London I thought it would be nice to have a forum to share my finds. My hope is that in contrast to the or or other aggregators, which list everything, this will only list finds which are reliably good but which are not exclusive to me as they exist on other blogs. It's like a thing I've done for friends of friends instead of a blog I want to hype.

Here is the cassette. I like to include all the detail from so you can link to the musicians involved in the tracks.

Side A

1 James Brown Download: The Payback Mix (5:04)
Mixed By - Jonathan More , Matt Black

2 Phoenix (10) Download: Everybody (Get Loose) (5:38)
Engineer - Tom Frederikse Producer - Rochefort, Wesson

3 The Groove Train Download: Why Did You Do It (3:50)
Producer - Martyn Ware

4 Walter Beasley Download: I'm So Happy (4:57)
Producer - Lionel Job , Walter Beasley

5 Visions (7) Download: It's A Choice (4:12)
Producer - David "Pic" Conley, David Stewart (4)

6 Perfectly Ordinary People Download: The Theme From P.O.P. (6:45)
Producer - Pozitiv Noize Producer, Remix - Mike Morrison Remix - Martin Freeland

Side B

1 Urban All Stars Download: It Began In Africa (5:45)
Mixed By - Norman Cook

2 The James Taylor Quartet Download: The Theme From Starsky & Hutch (6:40)
Producer - Simon Booth

3 Rockaway Three Download: It's Your Thing (3:57)
Producer - Bob Christ , Norman Cook

4 James Brown Download: Got To Have A Mother For Me (5:10)
Producer - James Brown

5 Ace Of Clubs Download: Ace Of Clubs (4:32)
Producer, Mixed By - Paul Heard , Simon Booth

6 Roy Ayers Download: Running Away (6:56)
Co-producer - Edwin Birdsong , William Allen Producer - Roy Ayers

7 James Brown Download: Payback (The Final Mixdown) (5:55)
Mixed By - Norman Cook , Streetsahead

If you want to find a good party that feels like a community of people having fun instead of a random bunch of boring people searching for love, check out this party. Fresh but not too slick. As I am djing more and more, I list below upcoming gigs in case you want to come down.

Feb 13 - Tank Magazine party for TseSay at Automat

Feb 20 - African music set @ Come For Lunch (by some of the people behind Rakehell's)

Feb 21 - downstairs @ Catch 22

Feb 22 - African music set @ Fabric - opening for Beyond the Wizard's Sleeve, Erol Alkan's psych rock side project

Feb 28 - downtairs @ Catch 22 with Girlcore special anniversary party upstairs (open till 4 am)