Monday, September 26, 2011

Smylonylon 22

It's been a while since I uploaded a Smylonylon comp but I have a number of them that have still not been posted.  This is one that I picked primarily because I think side 2 has a number of good and yet obscure tracks.  In particular, I think the way that Alex (from In Flagranti) would speed tracks up sometimes when he made these comps produces a really interesting effect.  The track Going Home by Annie Haslam is really not nearly as catchy at regular speed.

There is also a new Smylonylon page on Facebook that has lots of related stuff on it.

The track I've included for separate download is the Soukous/calypso-ish African track that has a great synth bit in it at the end of side B.  I also highly recommend that you download the Telex track Lakelele.  I'm not sure what the Purilator - Minimal Tape track is - no record of it on the Internet.

Honorable mention goes to Sven Vath's Electric Salsa and Flash and the Pan - Walking in the Rain.  Also, check out the other track on that Ramsey Lewis album Sun Goddess.

Side A (direct download)

1. Man 2 Man/Man Parrish - Male Stripper
2. Sven Vath - Electric Salsa
3. Hot Chocolate - Put Your Love in Me
4. Visage - Fade to Grey
5. OMD - Enola Gay
6. B.R.E.R.
7. Disconnection - Dead On The Case
8. Style Council - Mick's Company
9. Gina X - No G.D.M.
10. Flash and the Pan - Walking in the Rain.
11. Soft Cell - Tainted Love
12. Fad Gadget - Coitus Interruptus
13. Liaisons Dangereuses - Los Ninos Del Parque
14. Vanity 6 - Drive Me Wild
15. Prince - Controversy

Side B (direct download)

16. Jerry Goodmann - No Fear
17. Purilator - Minimal Tape
19. Vangelis - La Fete Savage
19. Elo - The Whale
20. Annie Haslam - Going Home
21 Trio - W.W.W.
22. Alan Parsons - A Dream with a Dream
23. Ramsey Lewis - Jungle Strut
24. Malcom McLaren - Legra
25. Strech - Why Did You Do It
26. Macho - Hear Me Calling
27. D. Dundas - Jeans on
28. Slade - Coz I Luv You
29. Telex Lakelele
30. Baricentro - Tittle Tattle
31. Les Aiglons - Le Petit Chaperon Noir (download)

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Sigue Sigue Sputnick- Russian sleeve of Love Missile

I recently picked up a collection of dance vinyl from a collector and in it was this Russian text cover of Sigue Sigue Sputnik's Love Missile.  As that track has seen a fair amount of coverage, I thought I would post the track on the B side that I've heard less of.  All around I like their sound a lot.  But that would make sense cause this was produced by Giorgio Morodor, who I love.

Interesting trivia about Sigue Sigue Sputnik is that one of the key members, Tony James, was previously in bands with members of the Clash (before the Clash) AND with Billy Idol when he was in the punk band Chelsea.  And later he was in Sisters of Mercy.  Here is a link to some music with Billy Idol in Chelsea (the track Right to Work was a big single).

Hack Attack (direct download)

Buy Love Missile at Itunes.