Monday, April 30, 2007

Cold Sweat - 1992 pop club hits

I will not deny it. This is some of my favorite music. I remember when some of this first came out and I just think it's some of the best music to dance to. Totally reminds me of New York. To some it may be overplayed, but oh well.

Trivia: Clivillés & Cole are C+C Music Factory, and are both Americans. It's a Fine Day was a cover of the song by the same name, a beautiful mellow folky number, by Jane and Barton released on Cherry Red records. Cameron Saunders, who was part of one hit wonder New Atlantic is now part of the quite good The Young Punx, who do mashup style stuff (sample it here) and will be playing at Glastonbury.

But face it, Side 2 is much cooler than Side 1. My favorite on this whole cassette is the No Fortuna. But the Orbital - Chime track is also very good. It appears there is almost no information about the No Fortuna - Traumatic Stress band or Miss Fortuna, but it looks like this track featured almost only in this compilation. The sample used in the track is "O Fortuna" from Carmina Burana which first came to life musically from Carl Orff in the mid-30's and has been HEAVILY used in various pop culture as you can see here, including 6 different rave-era songs (such as the more famous Apotheosis track in my blog here), the movie Excalibur, the band Ministry, the evil puppy on the Conan O'Brien show, Ozzy Ozbourne, as warm up for numerous sport events, including the Norwegian football team Lillestrøm, and in the opening of the movie Jackass. A special treat goes to anyone who sends me the new Trans-Siberian Orchestra version of the song.

A1 Clivillés & Cole A Deeper Love (Radio Version)
Love Decade I Feel You (Naked Club Mix)
Digital Orgasm Startouchers (Edit)
A4 Opus III
It's A Fine Day (Edit)
Shawn Christopher Don't Lose The Magic (7" Morales Mix)
Mixed By -
David Morales
New Atlantic I Know (Love Decade Remix 7" Edit)
Remix -
Love Decade
A7 The
Pasadenas I'm Doing Fine Now
Sounds Of Blackness Optimistic
Ultra Naté Rejoicing (Turn Up The Radio Mix)
Producer -
Basement Boys, The
Kym Sims Too Blind To See It (Hurley's 'No Rap' House Mix)
Mixed By -
Steve "Silk" Hurley

Altern 8 Evapor 8 (Inciner 8 Mix)
Toxic Two Rave Generator (Radio Edit)
Zero B Lock Up (Edit)
R.A.F. We Got To Live Together (Club Mix 7" Edit)
Traumatic Stress No Fortuna
Featuring -
Miss Fortuna
Orbital Chime (Ray Keith Mutation)
Remix -
Ray Keith
Isotonik Different Strokes (Edit)
Sunscreem Pressure
Mr. Fingers Closer
Mixed By -
Frankie Foncett
Alison Limerick Make It On My Own (7" Flying Rule Book Edit)
Remix -
Steve Anderson
Plus, Matthew Wowow sent me this lovely remix of It's a fine Day.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

African faves for the new raves

Do you feel like all the parties have a similar flavor . . . more electro, booty, indie, disco, grime chase the new tune, blah blah blah. Well here's your chance to try something genuinely new.

If you live in London I am launching tonight a new African music night for the hipsters :) It's not a world music party with tivas and jeans. It's about live music and djs playing stuff you've never heard for people who love the sounds and fashion of Africa in a posh venue in Mayfair. Launch party tonight and monthly gigs thereafter.

Manifesto - Burlington Club - 12 New Burlington Street
24 April 2007
9 pm to late - live band at 10 pm.

Sample the sounds of tonight here:

Maitre Gazonga - Les Jaloux Saboteurs

Friday, April 13, 2007

Secret Tracks 2 - 1994 comp

This comp was given to me by my friend James Price who is my friend because he's very funny and a nice guy, but who is also the hot new vid director. Damn, he's directed the good new songs from Simian Mobile Disco, Shit Disco and Lost Penguin (playing at Durrr on Monday, by the way). So he knew that his E27 postcode East London zone was where the good cassettes were from so he got me . . . a 1994 comp with Oasis on it. Yeah, that's some rare shit;)

Anyway, so truth be said this is one of the eras and genres of music that I know the least about. I was not into this music when it first came out. But I do like the Lush track and I know that Primal Screen, Aphex Twin and The Dust Brothers (aka Chemical Brothers) are marquee names. Enjoy.

A1 Primal Scream Don't Fight It, Feel It (Alive in Tokyo)
A2 Frank Black Freedom Rock
A3 The Boo Radleys Lazarus (Saint Etienne Remix)
A4 Echobelly Father, Ruler, King, Computer
A5 Ride Let's Get Lost
A6 Idha I'm Losing More Than I'll Ever Have
A7 Aphex Twin Phlid

B1 Saint Etienne Like A Motorway (Chekhov Warp Vocal Mix)
Remix - The Dust Brothers
B2 Kristin Hersh The Key
B3 Oasis Fade Away
B4 One Dove Transient Truth (Original Version)
B5 Velvet Crush This Life Is Killing Me
B6 Lush The Childcatcher
B7 Lisa Germano Energy

Plus something new. Now that I'm a big blogger man, this band sent me some of their songs. I know nothing about Sir Salvatore other than that their songs are catchy in a Strokes kind of way. But now and then you need a good fun tune to listen to. Their myspace says they do Zouk Zouk Zouk. If only . . .

But only in London
is a pop man
often a contrarian.

Sir Salvatore - Hooray This Projector

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

1989 Personal mixtape from Prague

I went to Prague a few weekends ago and found a few hilarious cassettes in the flea market. Most of them were so horribly bad that they didn't meet the admittedly low standards of this blog. But I found this one at least mildly amusing. Unfortunately, the quality of the cassette was so poor that I couldn't record and post. Instead, I have done you the favor of finding good quality versions of some of the lesser known songs. Should be popular with fans of SAW (Stock Aitken and Waterman) songwriting. Most of the rest of the songs are surely part of your personal library already.