Monday, December 04, 2006

HI-NRG personal collection

This week I decided to post a few of the rarities from my own vinyl collection. These are all the kind of thing you play late on a dark sunday night for people who know they should be at work tomorrow, but don't really want to let go of the weekend yet. I bought both of these records in a stack off of Brick Lane by my flat one day and had never heard of this. It's a varient of Il Veliero, a great italo disco number by the Chaplin Band. It's taken from the compilation pictured above and I can't find any detail about this track or find it for sale anywhere.

Lama - Love On The Rocks

The next two tracks are somewhere better known but also great hi-nrg taken from the compilation featured above which was part of this great collection I bought on Brick Lane. I think they are special remixes for this compilation, but don't really know.

Simone - Him / My Man Must Be American

Sylvester - Trouble In Paradise

Friday, December 01, 2006

Electro's great, baile funk's great, indie punk/rock whatever is great. But none of it sounds this fresh.
EDIT: sorry the masalacism link above is finished, but here is the next great kuduro mix (video in new page).

Edit - some Kuduro-ish I like.

Bowungakanani? w Msawawa

Luky Gomes - (baka) zeze e toto kuduro remix

Tchutchuca (kuduro mix)

You can buy some of these tracks and the Sweetie My Lovely on the Calabash music website.