Friday, July 20, 2007

Manifesto - monthly african party

Just a little press for our monthly african party happening in London at a members club. You can check out the band that is playing which has that fantastic kind of reverb guitar sound with some salsa influences - congolese in origin, Grupo Lokito. Every party has been packed so come down and check it out.

We also have been getting a lot of press lately because of the kindness of friends. My friend Karley chose to include me in the Dazed top 50 digital online ventures. Would be kind if you could go over there and vote/rate my site. And check out Karley's blog - some very funny writing there. Also, the Guardian covered us with some amusing kudos. Again, totally undeserved, but very nice.

While you're at it - check out this great little catchy number Rach Enroll by apparently unsigned Odd Modern I happened to discover.

More tapes up soon.