Monday, February 09, 2009

Tabora Jazz Band - old school favorite

The Tabora Jazz Band was one of Tanzanian pop's seminal bands. According to Wikipedia, they were one of the key bands that developed the Tanzanian pop sound I really love called "Muziki was dansi", which came from Congolese/Rumba and Sokous sounds. Unfortunately the quality of this cassette, which is probably from before the 70s, is not super good. Still, the standout track here is Mariam Mpenzi. Particularly the latter part of the track in the breakdown is fantastic. I'd so love to find a better recorded version of this.

Asha No. 1


Zabibu No. 2

Mariam Mpenzi
(stream below)

Tatu Wajidanganya

You can find another Tabora Jazz track over at this Mwana Simba page.


Timothy said...

This music is very hot, Brother. "Zabibu" didn't make it in this posting, but hopefully, in a future edition, you'll share the rest of this tape. I distinctly remember "Zabibu" playing over medium wave radio when I was growing up in East Africa:
"Zabibu umefika wakati wa kuangaika
Ujana una mwisho Zabibu o o o o
Mwisho wake ni uzee Zabibu o o o"

"Asha" too is terrific. Thank you for unearthing these gems and keep up the good work!

dalston shopper said...

Timothy - Zabibu added at your request :)

Timothy said...

Many thanks. Zabibu part 1 is probably what I quoted in my ealier comment but I'm glad to discover this track too. Tabora Jazz played vintage East African music at its best (naturally, after Mbaraka Mwinshehe!).

Anonymous said...

Fantastic music, thanks for sharing. Apurva from Pune, India.

Anonymous said...

Why does it sound so Indian to me, Dada and Asha.

Anonymous said...

Thanx for posting.
It happen that i'm from Tabora Region. All this songs i know them very well though i was very young. Alhamdulilah. I was i think 3 years old. Remember we went to visit my aunt and this song was in air almost everyday..... The band is no longer existing.

Anonymous said...

This is one of my best souvenir band of my childhood. I almost cry when I head the Song : DADA HAWA.
Nashukuru sana.

Sal said...

Thanks for uploading this legendary band tracks... ooh, memories!!!

N.Shatz said...

re-up link please