Sunday, June 17, 2012

Mlimani Park - Kenya Soukous from the 80s

This is another tape that I purchased in Dar Es Salaam in Tanzania in 2009. Mlimani Park (DDC Mlimani Park Orchestra being their full name) is one of the best known Soukous groups from Tanzania.  Unfortunately the tape was in relatively new condition when I bought it but the recording is not exceptional.

Strangely enough this tape has a song about Daniel Moi, the president of Kenya (not Tanzania) in the 80s.  I was living in Kenya in the 80s and remember this kind of music blasting out of every single shop everywhere all the time.

You can find similar music here, where I've written about other tapes I purchased.

Probably my favorite track is Nakubali Makosa, which means "I Remember Mistakes" in Swahili.  About half way through where the track switches to the dance break there is some great instrumentation.

Side 1

Side 2