Monday, January 29, 2007

Rave Tapes - Dj Randall 1991-1992

Proper RAVE!! Not new rave, not new electro sampling rave. This is proper real old school rave. The promising art star Matthew Stone, part of the art collective Wowow, rescued a bunch of private rave tapes made between 91-95 from a thrift store dump and gave them to me. So upcoming will be the ones I like. Some Mickey Finn, some other weird stuff.

When I first posted this, I did not know much about this cassette. But the lovely Kevin from dilate choonz blog enlightened me on Dj Randall and this cassette. Turns out this is the cassette, "Yaman Studio Mix 2", made in 1992. Apparently DJ Randall is more of a drum and bass dj now. Here's the track listing and cover.

Side A

01 ??
02 Bass Balistics - Fantasy
03 Hedgehog Affair - Parameters
04 Krispy Krouton - Beef & Tomato
05 Bodysnatch - Hey I Cant Explain It
06 Skeleton Krew - Luv To Luv Ya
07 Doc Scott - NHS ( Heavyweight Remix)
08 No Control - I Know I'm Rushing (original mix)
09 Terra Incognita - Phalanx
10 Tek 9 - Just a dream : Part 2 (Manix Remix)
11 Kaotic Kemistry - LSD
12 Andy C - Outer Limits

Side B

01 Lemon D - Kinetic State
02 Hypno-Genesis - Take Control (Jungled Up To F**k Mix)
03 TrueBlood - Roots & Culture
04 Waxdoctor - New Direction
05 Metalheadz - Sinistery
06 3 Thieves & A Liar
07 The Moog - Jungle Muffin (Mickey Finn Remix)
08 Force Mass Motion - Collision Course
09 Bad Influence - Sudden Impact 10 3 Rude Bwoy - Rude Bwoy Rambo (Roast Gun Mix)

Unfortunately I was not listening to this music around that time. To me now it sounds like nothing else, fresh and fantastic. I think the reason I like this is that it has jungle beats, but also lots of synth sounds that are almost like happy house from that time. Unfortunately, this cassette is not as good quality of a recording as some other posts on this blog.

I especially love the synths on side 2 at the beginning and at 19:42 mark.

I think this is Dj Randall's myspace page.

Dj Randall - side 2 (this was erroneously labelled as Side 1)
Dj Randall - side 2 (speedyshare link)

Dj Randall - side 1 (this was erroneously labelled as Side 2)
Dj Randall - side 1 (speedyshare link)

I plan to rip out some of the clips from this mix that I think stand out. Here's the first track from side 2.

Hypno-Genesis - Take Control (Jungled Up To F**k Mix)

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Kazzabe - Garifuna Punta music from Honduras

So I was gone on vacation for 3 weeks and meanwhile got props in One Week to Live and Timeout London about my blog and there it sat for about a month with no posts. I have been busy having fun, so too bad. But lots of posts coming up, including a bag of lovely old private rave mixes that the Pied Piper of Wowow-ness gave me.

About 3 weeks ago now, I was on the beaches of North Honduras, enjoying the New Year with my relatives who are saving the world, but who also go to bed at 8 pm with their kids. So girlfriend and I decided to walk down the beach in the evening to the local village to see what was going on and we were blessed with one of the experiences like christmas at the trailer park, something you dream about for a long time, and then it surprises you when you don't expect and it's everything you hoped for. We waded a little river and walked up the beach to a little wooden shack in the dark with beer being sold for less than a pound and a huge loud soundsystem, a dirt floor and no doors. About 25 people were milling about from grandmas to kids doing some kind of odd side to side hip dance called the Punta. And it was just like winter London dream of hot weather in the twilight, with loud pumping tropical sounds you don't know, on the beach with friendly people and cheap beer.

They were playing the latest album from Kazzabe, a local garifuna band. The Garifuna are mostly black Hondurans and you can read more about the music in english and french here. I'm not super crazy about samba music, which this seemed to remind me of. But like Baile Funk, when played really loud it sounded good. And with the constant search for new musical influences in pop/dance music I thought it good to bring a little Punta to the blogs. The tracks posted are the ones I like best.

Track 2 - Gurinbiuwa
Track 3 - Africa
Track 5 - Keymon Liyumonduna