Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Street Sounds '87-3

This is another tape I bought in the Dalston Oxfam Shop.  Lots of urban dance stuff from 1987.  It features three artists that only had like one track out ever, which is on this tape - E'leesa, The Ebony Dukes and Ex-Sample.

Before I go on, let me just say that this is the website for the actual Dalston Oxfam shop.  Check it out.

My favorite tracks are the E'Leesa track Where Did Your Love Go? and the Ex-Sample track And So It Goes.  Both are really early house tracks and feature those simple deep analog beats with some disco samples so you can see the migration from disco to house.  The E'Leesa track was from Bassment records and was written by Barry Zeger and Craig Bevan who apparently wrote a number of early house songs but there is almost no information about them on the web.

The Ebony Dukes are also a band that only did this one track. It was produced by Jazzy Jay, a seminal king of hip hop who did the very first release by Def Jam with T La Rock.  I just discovered today that he is actually from a Gullah family.  The Gullahs are Americans who originated in Africa and have retained some african words and characteristics in their language.

I also just discovered that Jingo, which I know as a famous disco track done by Candido (also of Thousand Finger Man fame), was originally done by Santana.


A1 Mirage  -  Jack Mix IV   

A2 E'leesa Weldon  -  Where Did Your Love Go?

A3 Ex-Sample  -  And So It Goes

A4 Eleanor Goodman  -  Sneak Preview

B1 The Whispers  -  No Pain, No Gain

B2 Point 3 FM  -  So Delicious

B3 Hashim  -  I Don't Need Your Love

B4 The Ebony Dukes  -  Girls

B5 Candido  -  Jingo

Monday, April 19, 2010

Eydie Gorme y El Trio Los Panchos

Another great tape actually bought from the Oxfam Shop.  Eydie Gorme is an American singer who did a lot of amazing 50s-70s style ballads, love songs etc.  In the mid 60s she did a series of albums with a very famous Mexican trio called Los Panchos that is apparently still famous in Latin America and who also appeared in many Mexican films.   This is beautiful sweet music and I love it.  Her most famous song from this album is supposed to be Sabor A Mi, but I also really like Noche de Ronda. The harmonies are amazing.

Anyway, Eydie has some incredible vids that are from a time that's gone. Check this out.

Side A

A1  Nosotros

A2  Piel Canela

A3  Y...

A4  Sabor A Mi

A5  Noche De Ronda

A6  Caminito
Side B

B1 Cuando Vuelva A Tu Lado

B2 Di Que No Es Verdad

B3 La Ultima Noche

B4 Historia De Un Amor

B5 Media Vuelta

B6 Amor

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Monday, April 05, 2010

Gangpol und Mit - Sylvain's mix

Sylvain Quément is the inimitable musical half of Gangpol und Mit.  I've liked them and dj'd their stuff for a few years now so I was delighted to see they were playing London recently for the first time.  The vid above is an example of some of their stuff I like best.  The show was fab and so I thought I might ask Sylvain to dj with me.  He sent me this mix that blew my mind - seriously!!  So many tracks I've not clue about and yet it's really poppy and fun at the same time.

Then he came down to dj with me at Catch 22 and it was exactly the same.  So he is my new favorite dj and he just moved to London.  So hopefully I can see him around shaking things up a bit.  I also am giving you a download link to a few of the individual tracks.  I especially recommend you check out Finnish band Aavikko.

Sylvain is also a contributor to the Cartilage Consortium blog which is really full of amazing finds such as this asian ethno pop, this fab Cameroon disco, and this mega mega Madrid band Retrato Robot.

V/A PLAONG selected
Fish lightnings for milk riots



ES ISLAND - Teku Teku Mummy
POLYSICS - I My Me Mine               (download)
NORMAN BAMBI - Psychotic interstellar catastrophe
AAVIKO - Syntaksis                     (download)
THIAZ ITCH - Mingmiling Mahou
GASORMASS - Defenestration old friend
JUN TOGAWA - Angel Baby
A&E - Allo
SECRET CHIEFS 3 - Jãbalquã & Jãbarsã (my edit)
CANDIE HANK - Booty bank
LES TUEURS DE LA LUNE DE MIEL - Nationale 7        (download)
E PAK SA feat. MAYWA DENKI - Fantasy
CAPTAIN AHAB - Punch Yourself in the Crotch
SONIC COASTER POP - Summer In The Pool
FELIX KUBIN - There is a garden
KUWABARA YUKIKO - love story theme