Thursday, June 05, 2008

Sound of Mob Culture - Lime Lizard magazine

This tape was loaned to me by good friends Josh & Tamara who do a lot of work with the Whoopee club. Josh told me that he doodled the image on the cassette cover himself.

This is really really indie from the early 90s. Most of these artists never got big. Cornershop had a hit 4 years later, and Gallon Drunk had James Johnston who is in Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds. But where is Voodoo Queens, Jacob's Mouse, Mambo Taxi, Dog Hunch, Breed or Blood Sausage today? Some good tunes on here. Poems on the Underground is quite catchy.

Side A

1. Gallon Drunk - Arlington Rd
2. Moonshake - Two Trains
3. Cornershop - England's Dreaming
4. Voodoo Queens - Supermodel Superficial
5. Jacob's Mouse - Solo
6. Mambo Taxi - Poems On The Underground

Side B

7. Pram - Watertoy
8. Dog Hunch - Jack Death
9. Breed - Woah Woah Woah
10. Seefeel - Time To Find (Saturnalia Mix)
11. Blood Sausage - Billy Joel

Friday the 13th, a new secret party is being launched with Trevor Jackson, Matthew Wowow, Pandora's Jukebox and myself at a hidden venue in Dalston with an amazing sound system. E-mail me if you want to come and want details.