Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Pepe Kalle - Voisin/Stop Feu Rouge

Pepe Kalle was quite a character and very well known in the world of congolese and east african pop. According to this great summary of his discography from Frank Bessem, this cassette came out about 1990. I already have some Pepe Kalle stuff and know that he is quite well known, but now I'm going to have to check him out further. This kind of fairly fast Soukous with really bright metallic guitar just really grabs me. You can cop some really fresh Pepe vinyl from 1981 on the amazing Ylow blog here.
I didn't put the last track on here because it doesn't sound like it is Magali and I'm not sure what it is called.

(stream below)

I'm not sure what to think of the fact that he was famous for having dwarfs who performed with him. It gets more freaky when the dwarf starts to hump the other dancers halfway through the vid.


Timothy said...

Thanks Todd. Pepe Kalle, the sweet-voiced giant of the Bakuba tribe seems to take all the credit although Nyboma and Madilu are the vocalists who stand out, especially in "Stop Feu Rouge." Besides, I think there must have been a connection between Pepe Kalle and Kanda Bongoman too. Perhaps it was "Kwasa Kwasa" craze or they actually worked together.

lindarb5 said...

I have an Original CD titled Nyboma / Madilu / Pépé Kallé Et Simaro: Stop Feu Rouge - Voisin on the Mélodie / Bleu Caraïbes Label- 82804-2. Let me know if you are interested in purchasing it. My email is lindarb@dslextreme.com.

Tracks on this CD are: 01 Voisin [Bialu Madilu] 8:17 Nyboma - Madilu - Pepe Kalle et Simaro
02 Keva [Nyboma Mwan Dido] 6:37 Nyboma - Madilu - Pepe Kalle et Simaro
03 Stop Feu Rouge [Nyboma Mwan Dido] 6:28 Nyboma - Madilu - Pepe Kalle et Simaro
04 Magali [Bialu Madilu] 8:55 Nyboma - Madilu - Pepe Kalle et Simaro
05 Motema Libanga [Simaro Massiya] 10:15 Nyboma - Madilu - Pepe Kalle et Simaro
06 J. Mukelenge [Simaro Massiya] 7:05 Nyboma - Madilu - Pepe Kalle et Simaro
07 Diarrhee Verbale [Simaro Massiya] 11:16 Nyboma - Madilu - Pepe Kalle et Simaro
08 Muana Ndeke [Simaro Massiya] 6:57 Nyboma - Madilu - Pepe Kalle et Simaro