Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Various German New Wave/Neue Deutsche Welle

I was at a friend's house recently late at a party and she put on some german new wave. The song she put on by the Spider Murphy Gang, "Skandal im Sperrbezirk", reminded me why I always am drawn back to the genre. The problem is that for many Germans talking about NDW artists is like us and Blondie - they don't talk about it because it's so well known. And yet for us foreigners diving in the mix can be somewhat lame and daunting to figure out. So I have been trying to go through more NDW in the last few weeks to find more tunes, partly because I've found that a good NDW tune can make the crowd go crazy on the dancefloor - like discovering an unknown Blondie hit.

The first tune is probably my favorite right now.

Spider Murphy Gang - Skandal im Sperrbezirk

This next track is one of the seminal tracks on the self-titled album by Rheingold. It's not quite a dance-able, but it builds and has a great sound.

Rheingold - Dreiklangsdimensionen

The next 2 tracks are ones which I actually found myself. They don't appear normally on the NDW compilations but I pulled them from some of my NDW records and think they are catchy enough to be included.

Prima Klima - Woll'n Wir Zu Dir Gehn

Spliff - Computer Sind Doof

The following are some additional tunes which I like which are quite commonly mentioned.

Hubert Kah - Sternenhimmel

Geier Sturzflug - Bruttosozialprodukt

The following are very rare NDW which have that kind of raw early electronic quality which I love. These are BEGGING to be remixed. These come to me thanks of the the WFMU blog here which features the whole very rare LP "Kassettent├Ąter".

Georgie D - Die Kunst wird mal durch Abschlachten gross
Ewig + 3 Tage - Keine Angst vor '84
Co-Mix - Irrwitz

Finally, I feature a tune taken from the motherload of NDW, Brotbeutel, where you can go to really discover NDW with lots of rare stuff. This is the very first release of Ideal, which was also one of the big NDW stars.

Ideal - Wir Stehn auf Berlin

Monday, May 21, 2007

Manifesto again - Afro Rave!

It's time for another african party. And we are excited about this because it seems there is a growing interest in african rhythms. Bands like Vampire Weekend and Congopunq are bringing fresh interpretations to the old rhythms and Radioclit is putting african rhythms into a lot of their mixes ((listen to their Nelly Ti Picou if you want to know what I'm talking about) . Plus people are getting tired of the same music all the time and so much african music is inaccessible or hard to find so it really is something new. I will be djing my collection and delivering you a monthly cocktail of real live bands and djs. This week we have the 8 member Zong Zing Allstars - check them out here - in a posh members club in Mayfair. If you're in London come by. If you're not, and you want to be involved in next month's party, e-mail me.

See, even Bjork agrees that it's time for Africa.

And for all you mp3 seekers, I have been gifted by a party mix by one of London's hot new bands, The Cleft Palettes which I'm posting because they have at least one african animal in their graphics :) Check their myspace for some great tunes.

The Cleft Palettes - Gravetendo party mix

(track listing - snippets of ;))

Baile Intro
D.E.E.T - Best Fwends
Don't Fear the Reaper - Blue Oyster Cult
Danca Da Ventuinha by Bonde Do Role
Dolls by Crystal Castles
South of Heaven by Slayer
Babylon Burner by Roll Deep (Breeze 16bar)
XR2 by M.I.A
Searchin' for my Rizla by Rat Pack
Eastenders by We Smoke Fags
Stand Up Sonic by The Cleft Palettes
Super Mario - Level 1
Dust Off Ya Classix by Goldielocks
Club Action by Yo Majesty
Pussyhole by Dizzee Rascal