Monday, September 23, 2013

Ismael Isaac et les Freres Keita - La Paix

Ismael Isaac et les Freres Keita are a Reggae group from Abidjan, Ivory Coast. Ismael Isaac recorded this album in 1986 with the singing twins (seen on either side of him in the cover) Keita and Hassan Ousseini.

I got all the information above from Wikipedia and it doesn't have much else to say about him.  The sound on this track is incredible however. It's reggae but there's something else which is distinctly african about it.

I found this album in the flea market in Marseille and I hope you enjoy it.  You can buy the recording on Itunes here but I think my recording off vinyl is better.

(warning - I've posted an aif cd quality file so it's 50 mb)
Ismael Isaac et les Freres Keita - La Paix