Monday, January 31, 2011

It's Contagious compilation

My friend Anthony Faroux found this tape in a flat he was clearing out in Kennington, south London.  The only artist on here I can find any detail about is The Instant Automatons and so this may be part of their DIY/free music scene discussed here.  There is a video of theirs below.

Unfortunately the quality of the tape is pretty low but there are still some amusing sounds here.  John the Baptist is pretty funny and the Christmas song Our Father has the lyrics "Father Bagwan, Father Bagwan, here's my Volvo . . ."  But probably the most enjoyable to listen to are Nick Harrison's vaguely 80's eurodisco "Kuji" and Colin Potter's "Here is Picture", which remotely sounds like Suicide.

Thanks Anthony, and check out his video art here.

Side One:
1. Negrava: John the Baptist
2. Nick Harrison: Orford Ness
3. Missing Persons: Sir, You're an Arsehole
4. The Instant Automatons: Ignorance is Bliss
5. Negrava: Under the Anaesthetic of Love
6. Colin Potter: Another Day is Missing
7. Transistor Six: Slowfall
8. Negrava: Our Father

Side Two:
1. Missing Persons: Nothing Happens (when you least expect it)
2. Negrava: Brian's Girls
3. Transistor Six: Light like Moss
4. Nick Harrison: Kuji
5. The Instant Automatons: Ballad of the New Things
6. Colin Potter: Here is Picture
7. Negrava: Little Venom
8. Transistor Six: Fanatical Belief