Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Manifesto - Cape Verde mini Film Festival

As you may have noticed I have been involved with an african music party called Manifesto for the last few years. The party is currently on hold while we look for a good venue but in the meantime Alberto (who I do the party with) has organized a mini film festival this coming weekend. Details are in the flower above (click on the photo for a larger image). Hope to see you there!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

various 1990 dance RnB/freestyle from Honolulu

This summer my girlfriend and I had a day layover in Honolulu coming back from vacation. So, as usual, instead of visiting all the local tourist spots, we immediately headed over to the thrift store (charity shop, as they say here in the UK) on the wrong side of town. I managed to pick up a vintage Matsuda men's jackets (sweet) and then we decided to walk back through the local cars-parked-on-cement-blocks hood to reach our hotel on the beach. On the way we lucked out with a random yard sale run by two sisters (who had a LOT of loving to give) selling their old school late 80s RnB dance tapes.

Late Nite Magic had only one track out according to discogs and I can't find any more info. The cover says it was produced in LA. But I can't really find much info about the artists or the remixers Rock Vee or Teddy and John Bolden.

Late Nite Magic - Huneez (Magic Radio Mix)
Late Nite Magic - Huneez (Magic Radio Mix - TV Track)

Again I can't really find much info about Sunni and she had only a few more tracks out that Late Nite Magic. She had a bit of a Paula Abdul moment on the fresh youtube dance moves. You can find some early 90s house remixes of this track here. But this track was produced by Chris Barbosa and Mark Liggett who were key producers in the Freestyle genre (wikipedia). Their track Fire and Ice was the original which Shannon covered to become the huge hit Let The Music Play.

Sunni - Why Did My Baby Get Over Me (12" mix)
Sunni - Why Did My Baby Get Over Me (single mix)

As for Seduction. I don't have to say much about them because they were produced by Robert Clivilles And David Cole of C+C Music Factory fame. This has some nice dance touches to it though the group never got very big.

Seduction - (You're My One And Only) True Love (Club Mix)

Finally we have this "funk rock" tape which is actually mostly what I would call "electro" - the real original electro, not the Benny Bennasi circa 2005 type. It's got a bunch of great tracks on it such as (Notin' serious) Just buggin', Boogie Down Bronx, Egyption Lover, Rockberry Jam, We Don't Have to Take Our Clothes Off and more. I think it's a recording of a radio show and lots of the tracks sound really good, maybe special radio mixes.

Honolulu yard sale "funk rock" electro tape.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

more vintage The Face magazine fashion April 1986

I bought a bunch of The Face and I-D mags recently from the mid 80s and early 90s hoping to find yet more interesting fashion ideas (and music) in the never ending hunt for something inspiring which I haven't seen in the over infused mining of the past we got going on now. Surprisingly there have not been many fashion shoots that I have been gaga about. But this one from 1986 features more of the Ray Petri Buffalo style, more of which you can find here. Designers featured here include Gaultier, Michiko Koshino, Judy Blame, Byblos, Takeo Kikuchi and others. I will post a new cassette by the weekend.