Friday, November 25, 2011

Destroy Culture vs. Long Clothing party

I think the music world in general is floundering about with lots of people doing things in different directions but not much dominating the scene with excitement.  You have nu disco stuff happening, some of it really well done, and new bands doing old school house - but none of its has been really exciting me. 

Fortunately I recently went to a Halloween  party put on by Destroy Culture and was really loving the scene and the music, especially that of Shaun Bass.  So I'm especially excited that they've invited me to dj with them this Saturday, the 26th.  Lots of new sounds, dubstep (but fun), tropical madness, rave, etc.  Hope to see you there.  More details on the Destroy Culture tumblr.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Select Magazine - Cloud 9 compilation 1996

I bought this tape in the Dalston Oxfam shop some time ago. It was a free compilation tape which came with the May 1996 issue of Select Magazine.

It's unique because it has a slightly electro rock version of a Moby track that he did for this compilation only - so you can't find it anywhere else.  And it's quite good.

There is also a track from Cable which was recorded with John Peel which is only on this tape as well.

Unfortunately the sound quality is not great on the B side and the A side is virtually ruined (so I've not posted it).

A1 Ash Kung Fu (Mark Radcliffe Show 1995) 2:23
A2 Underworld Oich Oich 8:30
A3 The Afghan Whigs You've Changed 4:21
A4 Edwyn Collins You Are On Your Own 2:50
A5 Beth Orton Live As You Dream 2:50
A6 Rosa Mota Shelflife 3:11
B1 Northern Uproar Kicks 3:09
B2 Moby Everytime You Touch Me (Fucked Up Version) 3:10
B3 David Holmes Keep The Motor Runnin' Honey 7:30
B4 The Trash Can Sinatras Pop Palace 3:30
B5 The Divine Comedy Becoming More Like Alfie 2:55
B6 Cable Action Replay Replay (BBC Peel Session 1996) 2:25