Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Koot Hoomi is not a band sound that I would normally write about.  But anyone who claims to write a covers album of Hall & Oates performed with Sitars in a sort of eastern influenced folk style has got to have a little attention.  A few of their other tracks are on, so I'm posting others here.

Apparently this is the image of Koot Hoomi who was some theosophical master of some sort.  I seek to bring you a higher level of knowledge than just casual band info.

Say It Isn't So (ysi)

Maneater (reprise) (ysi)

I just also want to add quickly that I saw New Yoga perform recently and they were very good.  Hounds of Hate and their crew are really pushing the edge in the parties they are putting together and the crowds are getting better and better.  The music is quite experimental if you actually go down and listen.  It's not obvious or banging, it's layered synth fabrics.

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what a concept! I'll be on the look out for Messrs Hoomi when I trawl the Walthamstow charity shoppes (which is too often to be healthy)

great blog...