Friday, November 06, 2009

live sets from Armando and Farley Jackmaster Funk on WBMX 1987-1988

Not much to say here and I don't have a tracklist but these are both excellent early house mixes in decent quality sound.  One side is Armando (also referred to as Land of Confusion Capital One) and is quite intense amazing analog sounding acid.  The Farley set is more fun but not necessarily as good quality sound.  I found this different Farley set (search for the DHP mix 600 with Joe Smooth in it) with tracklisting that is really great with Ten City tracks etc. (by the way, isn't it amazing how much Byron Stingily sounds like Sylvester in Ten City).

Armando live set on WBMX Chicago 1987 direct download

Farley Jackmaster Funk live set on WBMX Chicago 1988 direct download


Manny Cuevas said...

I actually have the masters of all those WBMX tapes here. That's my hand writing. Those were tapes I traded back in tha days. Gr8 2 see them come full circle. I have much more too!!;-)

dalston shopper said...

Wow great to hear from you Manny. Wish we could hear those tapes!!