Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Taras 3000 and Schleusolz

Some new music has come my way.  This first track is from my friend Dima who djs and throws the best parties in Moscow.  He is also known as Taras3000. He probably thinks this track is too cheesy and pop, but I think it's some of the best work he's done.  You can read about his Idle Conversation party here. And more here.  The band is called Slideshow Park from Xuman records, which looks like a cool little label.

Slideshow Park - Shining (Taras3000 remix)   (yousendit)

Schleusolz is a Frankfurt, Germany band that contacted me out of the blue on Myspace.  They exhibit a trait I often find in German bands, they use something from the past in a clever new way.  Here are 60's sort of sounds looped in a sort of Pilooski-ish way.  Very catchy.  Check the latest songs on their myspace as well cause this is the only free one they sent me.

Schleusolz - Polyphobia


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