Friday, July 29, 2011

Sue Barnett - Fit for Life

Back in 1984 Sue Barnett, a Christian PE teacher and wife of evangelist Doug Barnett (according to Buzz Mag), came across the idea of setting an aerobics session to Christian pop, a la Bob Sinclar in  Gym Tonic.  It sounds strangely sexual to me.  Probably not what she had in mind.  But in the quest for new ideas, I felt that I had to bring you this record.  Have a listen in particular to We Need to Hear from You.

Side 1
I'm Forgiven
Under His Reign
Never Had a Reason
I Have Decided
I Don't Worry

Side 2

We Need to Hear from You
Walk By Love
Somebody new
This is The Day
All I Must Do

I've also started doing some of my own music.  Matthew Stone recently was introduced me to this great software called DJAY - great cause it's easy to use and play with ideas without having to learn all that Ableton malarchy, etc.  I made this mashup from ideas I played with on that software.

Kylie vs. Gesaffelstein - Slowpr (Todd Hart mash)

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Anonymous said...

hi this music and excercise takes 45 minutes if you do the whole thing. Really helped me to tone and loose weight, wish l could get a copy. J