Saturday, December 11, 2010

Smylonylon 2

I haven't posted any Smylonylons for a while.  This is one of the earlier tapes that features more 60s pop and lounge exotica.  Some might immediately think of elevators.  But I was actually really enjoying listening to this, especially side 2.  I think maybe it's a nice contrast from all the darkness that I'm listening to right now, all the heavy acid house and 80s Belgian synth pop.  No one wants to eat the same food all the time.

I don't have much to comment about the artists as most of them are well known but these tracks are less commonly played, at least not in my circles.  Enjoy.

Side 1

Not sure about most of the tracklisting on side 1 but it does feature  near the beginning the track Journey to the East by Bill Plummer/The Cosmic Brotherhood.

Side 2

Track listing that I could identify on side 2 - some individual download links.

Bridget Bardot - Contact

Harangozó Teréz - Sose fájjon a fejed

Michel Legrand - Brule Pas Tes Doigts

Bo Didley - Bo's Bounce

Tom Jones - If I Promise

Esquivel and his orchestra - Frenesi

Anonymous amusing German tracks at end of Side 2


Pinecone Stew said...

Happy New Year !!!

Pau MF said...

Hi, at 25:45 from side A, the name of the track is:
Aquarius - The Lover Of Life
by "The Zodiac : Cosmic Sounds"


Mike said...

Opening track on side one is Kolumbo by Dick Hyman off Age of Electronicus

dalston shopper said...

Thanks for these tips guys.

Chino said...

really rad. wish youd post more often so many gems here.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

My bad it's actually the folkswingers - hey Joe