Monday, November 01, 2010

Lektyr - Sommar Hits

I bought this tape in a Saturday flea market in downtown Oslo.  My friend Anders told me Lektyr was a porn mag in the 80s.  Anyway, most of these songs are forgettable but the Rain and Tokyo tracks are pretty good.  What it looks like has been done here is that the real artist names have been replaced with made up names.  So the I'm the Lady track is Linda Williams, the Marigot Bay is Arabesque and the Rain is Goombay Dance Band.  If you want to let me know who did the Tokyo track that would be great.

Side A
Morning Train - Baby Girls
In Your Arms - Company of Friends
Marigot Bay - Baby Singers  (Arabesque)
All Those Years Ago - Revolutions
I'm the Lady (Eurovision song Netherlands) - Baby Singers (Linda Williams)
Seven Tears - Disco Rollers

Side B
Rain - Revolutions (Goombay Dance Band)
Tokyo - Janne Lucas
Flash - School Boys
Sukiyaki - Flash Backs
Take Me Home - Freestyle
Cinderella Jones - Kerstin Dahlberg


Anonymous said...

Don't know if you already solved this - but Janne Lucas ( ) is a real Swedish artist, and it seems he has recorded a track called "Tokyo" (check the discography on the site). And for the "made up" names - it wasn't uncommon for compilation tapes in the 80's to have "cover versions" of tracks to avoid licensing fees ( ). I made that mistake myself several times back then..

Good luck!

Stockholm, SWEDEN

dalston shopper said...

Thanks Richard. I've heard the same from others :)