Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Debut Magazine Issue 5

Demob clothing store - Beak Street

Here we have another Debut magazine which I picked up on ebay at the request of a comment searching for the Olympic Smiles track. I previously posted Debut Issue 1 here.

I will try to put up more pages from the mag later but this issue had a nice fashion spread on the original Demob store which I have posted. Interesting coincidence (I just discovered this) is that the guy who did the Demob store was Chris Brick who is also the guy who opened the Smylonyon and later Centre for the Dull stores in New York in the mid-90s where the Smylonylon cassettes were sold (which I have featured heavily in this blog). I just discovered via Wikipedia that he opened those stores with his wife who performed as Linda Lamb who some of you may remember as an excellent electroclash era artist who did work with Vitalic and was in the group The Silures who had the fantastic 2003 track "21 Ghosts" (listen to the sample of the 4 minute version on this Juno link).

A1 The Armoury Show           Is It A Wonder
A2 Hugh Masekela           Getting Fat In Africa
A3 King           Cherry
A4 The Church           The Unguarded Moment
A5 Fiction Factory           Panic


Check out the new disco podcast I did at Durrr with Matthew Stone. It's not a rundown of the most rare or obscure italo and probably not the hottest sound in London, but it does represent the best quality of the more New York disco sound that was at the heart of what became hip hop, RnB and House, with the likes of Chaka Khan, The Trammps, Odyssey, Celi Bee, El Coco, Chic, etc. Plus there is an edit of rare Chi-Chi Favelas And The Black And White Band track that I did myself.

Below are listed upcoming parties at which I'm djing - lots of good stuff coming up in September also.

Friday - 29 August - People on Horses host a new party at 333 with Hannah Hanra (The PIX) and I am djing in a room with my fellow Come (the new smash hit secret Dalston Disco party) djs, Matthew Stone, Yasmin (Pandora's Jukebox) and Theo.

Click on flyer below:

Sunday - 31 August - Offset Festival!! Schedule

Unlike most festivals, this is the festival of the achingly edgy cool bands/djs/etc and it's in a forest at the end of the Central line tube! Virtually every hot new band that has played at Durrr, White Heat, the Old Blue Last, Hoxton Bar, Catch, etc., or has come up through the indie press, or new dj who has been doing a new party in London is playing at this festival. Most of all, the best band of the year Metronomy is playing on Sunday along with super rare italo band Black Devil Disco Club (more info here), Ipso Facto, Hatcham Social, the Wire, Gang of Four, XX Teens, No Bra. Girlcore are doing a tent and have asked me to dj in Drag along with all my dj friends, Radioclit, Matthew Stone, Jonjo, Theo, ISA GT - basically it's the gathering of the year. I will be there on Sunday and you can buy day tickets only. Get them here.

Click on flyer below:

Wednesday - 3 September - Pearl Flash

Moustache Bar is the new bar hosting a lot of fun parties in Dalston. I did a late 90s house music night there a few weeks ago and coming up on the 3rd I've roped in the new disco kids to do a party. I first saw Ben laying down an incredible set of italo type synth arpeggios at a warehouse party a year ago and since then he's been building his party portfolio doing parties in Dalston and Shoreditch. And since this will be disco-tinged, should be a fun party. For once the sound system in this bar is decent.

Click on flyer below:


arnoldtan said...

hi, thank you for posting this, but why is it only the side a, is downloadable. i can't access the side b(only the band information)....actually i really looking for the olympic smiles tracks, can you please post it.......thank you very much

I Am Not The Beatles said...

Ah yes. Thank you for the sprinkling of King - very enjoyable. I was starting to get a bit depressed by the ever cloudy British summer, but I have now just grabbed my hairdryer and blown them all away.

Anonymous said...

Great to hear the church unguarded moment, from a fab 1st album

Mr Magoo said...

Loving the blog. Just got onto it after seeing this website in the hype magazine right at the back as a website you gotta check out.

great stuff. i'll be subscribed

arnoldtan said...

hi, thanks for sharing this debut lp magazine vol 5, actually ive been looking for this for a along time, thanks and more power.....

Mr Magoo said...

Just checked out the song 'cherry' awesome track!

Anonymous said...

I picked up a copy of debut magazine issue 1 at a local secondhand shop. I had never heard of it till I came across it.