Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Smylonylon 29

I figured it was time for another Smylonylon. On this one I think I generally prefer side B which has a bunch of fantastic tracks though some of them sound best for being sped up. Previous Smylonylon cassettes on this blog can be found here.

The Silicon Teens track (side B, track 2) is a band by the founder of Mute Records, Daniel Miller, and I have included a few of the tracks which I think are more interesting yet still rare. The Papathanassiou track which is actually Vangelis is actually correctly titled Needles & Bones from the Heaven & Hell lp. And I'm not sure what the Strangles - Paradise track is but it sounds fantastic. Also I managed to find a track called Richard Termini Project - Oh It's a Pop Song but can't find any more info about the band or the song. Also, would love to hear the original of the Sly Dunbar - East of the River Thames track - it's off of this LP Sly Dunbar Meets the Fire House Crew - The Other Side of Dub.

Side A - Download

1 - M - Transmission
2 - Francois Breant - Talmouse Ritual Dance
3 - Weather Report - River People
4 - Lizzy Mercier Descloux - Fire
5 - Nola - Stranger in a Strange Land
6 - Young Marble Giants - The Taxi
7 - DAF - Der Rauber & Der Prinz
8 - Shriekback - My Spine
9 - Tangerine Dream - Speed
10 - Fad Gadget - Coitus Interruptus
11 - Chilly - Have Some Fun Tonight
12 - Dillinger - Supercock
13 - Peter Jacques Band - Walking on Music
14 - Bohannon - But What is a Dream
15 - Fine Young Cannibals - Johnny
16 - Cars - A Dream Away
17 - Jah Wobble - Invaders of the Heart

Side B - Download

18 - Richard Termini - Oh It's a Pop Song
19 - Silicon Teens - State of Shock
20 - Yello - No More Roger
21 - Tangerine Dream - Midnight in Tula
22 - Gary Numan - Down In The Park
23 - Omega - Invitation
24 - Jane - Love Your Live
25 - Disco Kid - Roller Coaster
26 - Tremeloes - Good Time Band
27 - Devo - Satisfaction
28 - Lightblick - Intensivstation
29 - Mythos - mayday
30 - Ramases - Journey to the Inside
31 - Sandokan - Arrivo
32 - Beatles - Baby You're A Rich Man
33 - Papathanassiou (Vangelis) - Needles & Bones (this is only a segment of a longer song)
34 - Richard Harvey - Exchange
35 - Paul McCartney - Momma Miss America
36 - Sly Dunbar - East of the River Thames
37 - Can - All Gates Are Open
38 - D.R.U.M. - Lalabye
39 - Telex - Cliche
40 - Strangles - Paradise
41 - Jarre - Equinoxe 5
42 - Kraftwerk - Dentaku

On a separate note, let me just say that I saw Black Devil Disco Club and Metronomy last weekend at the Offset Festival and both are really deserving all the hype they get. Black Devil had a great sound like nothing you hear today. And Metronomy really are band of the year - every track just sucks you in with its quality and fantastic songwriting. I've said it before.


Unknown said...

Yay Todd!

Anonymous said...

Any chance of a stand alone copy of Jah Wobble - Invaders of the Heart, would be real sweet

dalston shopper said...

you can download the Jah Wobble here:

arnoldtan said...

thanks for this one, by the way do you have this copy of

Company Classics No. 3
Company Classics, Compilation Cassette, 1985

Side 2:
1. Coy Mistress (Demo)
2. I Want You (Demo)

Both tracks taken from the Bad Maureen Demo, recorded at the Sheffield Vibrasound Studios, January 1984.

ive been looking for this for a along time....thanks

pizz said...

hello -

i worked at smylonylon from 1995-1997. i had most of the tapes at one time but lost them through moves mostly i assume. i have been very successful at finding a lot of the songs i lost. i still talk to the chris's wife judi but there are 2 songs i am trying to find that she can't seem to figure out which ones i am referring to. do you have a track listing of all the mixed tapes??? thanks SO much, melissa.

dalston shopper said...

Pizz/Melissa - I have the tracklistings for nos. 14-30, 1, 4 & 6. That's all. Would that help? You can e-mail me directly - my e-mail is on the blog.

djbethell said...

Any Chance of stand-alone tracks of It's a Pop Song, State of Shock and Dentaku please?
D x

dalston shopper said...

It's a Pop Song is already posted there as a stand along track. The others I don't have you'll have to track them down on the Internet.

Kalfaz said...

Love your blog,
I was hoping to hear the Smylonylon series but the links go to a dead page any chance you can rehost them on mediafire or another share?

dalston shopper said...

Kalfaz - the links have been updated and work now. This is one of the last Smylonylon posts that needs to be updated. The other ones all work on this blog so go check them out!!