Tuesday, April 24, 2007

African faves for the new raves

Do you feel like all the parties have a similar flavor . . . more electro, booty, indie, disco, grime chase the new tune, blah blah blah. Well here's your chance to try something genuinely new.

If you live in London I am launching tonight a new African music night for the hipsters :) It's not a world music party with tivas and jeans. It's about live music and djs playing stuff you've never heard for people who love the sounds and fashion of Africa in a posh venue in Mayfair. Launch party tonight and monthly gigs thereafter.

Manifesto - Burlington Club - 12 New Burlington Street
24 April 2007
9 pm to late - live band at 10 pm.

Sample the sounds of tonight here:

Maitre Gazonga - Les Jaloux Saboteurs


ibikelondon said...

Good luck with the new night - love the poster btw.

Left-of-field now; as the oracle in all things dated and random I wonder if you can help me Mr DOS? Do you remember a late 80s house band called Krush who did a very cool tune which was quite a mainstream hit called "House Arrest"? Have searched everywhere for more info but to no avail, but the lead female vocalist had a HOTT sound & I'd love to know if there's more of their stuff out there? (Maybe lurking in your weird and wonderful archives?!)

Keep it up mate; excellent blog, one of my faves.


dalston shopper said...

this might be a start.


ibikelondon said...

Ah for people who are in the know when it comes to the net... thanks for the link - want to find as much material of the female vocalist as possible - her voice rrrrrrrrrocks.

Once again, have a great night tonight :)

dalston shopper said...

here is more info on Ruth Joy/Ann Saunderson:


this is supposedly her myspace,


her favorite color is green :)

FYI - Mark Gamble, from the band Krush you refer to was part of the band Rhythmatic, whose music you can download on my blog here:


ibikelondon said...

Those links you posted lead on to a whole load of interesting stuff I didn't know; the producer on Krush was Mark Brydon who went on to become one half of Moloko - he talks about recording with Ruth Joy here:


(You might want to CTRL+F "Krush" to skip a lot of the interview)

That kind of makes sense to me, 'cos I think Moloko's vocallist has similarly fab qualities to the vocals in HA.

Have listened to some of "Ann Saunderson's" tracks on MySpace and am struggling to believe they are one and the same people - there is none of the expectant French-sounding breathyness apparent on HA, mores the same :(

Don't you just love where links lead you? :)

Cheers again

clair de lune said...

excellent i love african disco especially....good luck wit te nite

Anonymous said...

I used to have the Select tape, but it melted on my dashboard one day. I've been trying to track down the Ida version of 'I'm losing more...' ever since, so a big fat thanks from me for putting this up. NIce one!