Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Ring Parade 1985 (vinyl compilation from France)

I found this in a second hand shop of some sort near Tarbes in the south of France last week while there on vacation with my girlfriend. It's too tragic in some ways to not post. This compilation perfectly illustrates my taste in music. Some of these tracks are on the edge of being very good and with a little editing or remixing could be extaordinary. But most of the compilation is just hilarious. I can't find any info about this album on the Internet, but it appears to be a compilation from label Carrere put out in 1985. There was apparently one released in 1984 as available on ebay here.

Probably the strangest and most amusing track on here is a mix of Satisfaction by the Stones and Mozart, sung by Dollie De Luxe, who was a Norwegian artist. Song originally released on 12" and album called Rock vs. Opera, and performed at Lincoln Center in NY in 1987, hilariously reviewed by the New York Times here producing the soul dwelling quote which is particularly appropo in most of the creative stuff coming out today, "It is a nice parlor game, but hardly a life's work." But then, if everything you do comes and goes in a millisecond, if the big act of this year is gone the next, is it really worth playing more than parlor games? And what's wrong with that, if people are just having fun.

Most of the rest of the stuff on this album is some form of italo disco. History by Mai Tai is quite good and so is Future Brain. There are some painful tracks as well. But my pain may be your pleasure.

Programme 1
1-Live is Life - Opus
2-Around My Dream - Kazino
3-Bonhomme Apres L'Amour - Patrick Sebastien
4-Touche pas a Mon Toot-Toot - Beckie Bell
5-Paradise Mi Amor- Paradiso
6-Tarzan Boy - Paul Logan
7-Cry - T.H.

Programme 2
1-Future Brain - Den Harrow
2-Comanchero - Steven Francis
3-History - Mai Tai
4-Dizzy Night - Jane Hill
5-Et Tu Danses Avec Lui - C
6-Queen of the Night-Satisfaction - Dollie De Luxe
7-J'Ai le Blues De Toi - Gilbert Montagne


Anonymous said...

hi Dalston,

Ring Parade was a music TV in France from the mid 70's until the mid or late 80's.
So this may be a compilation from singers coming in that show.
Anyway, it's funny to find this here.
Thanks for sharing

Chris (France)

Anonymous said...

oops, I saw a misspelling in the post up here.
You must read :
Ring Parade was a Music TV Show !

Deluks said...

the worse of the worse! But that definitely brings back a lot of memories to french minds.

Deluks said...

i meant WORST...

dalston shopper said...

M'ais c'est pas vrai? Ca c'est le meilleur example du musique francais :)

Deluks said...

Weel , you can still figure it out by yourself here:

Thanx, take care, Dalton, and keep us posted!!

Anonymous said...

That was the year I left France for good. I remember dancing to those tunes as a 12 year old throughout the summer of 85. Moved to OZ soon after and went to my first high school dance where I danced to "the summer of 69". That Tarzan Boy track would make a great remix though.


Anonymous said...

hi.. the links to ring parade 1985 are down.. please reload..with many thanks

dalston shopper said...

I am sorry but I cannot continue to host all old mp3s for a long time. However you will note that the Queen of the Night is still posted.

Anonymous said...

hello! can you reload link of dizzy night? Please!

Thank you very much

franzmas said...

Hi! I'm looking for this record. If someone owns a copy and wants to sell it, please send me an email to the address
Thank you.
Francesco, Italy