Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Ivo Papasov and his Bulgarian Wedding Band

Ivo Papasov supposedly goes around playing up to three real weddings a week. And he is supposedly the most famous Bulgarian musician as a result.

I have been intrigued by Bulgaria for some time now. My interest in jumpy quick bouncy music, such as klezmer music and gypsy fun and related ska and indie stuff has been growing over the last few years (trust me to always follow new bandwagons slavishly). I found this cassette in the bin and had to record it because we also have the vinyl at home and have been listening to it for years now. Unfortunately, this Ivo Papasov tape is not really that bouncy, but it is beautiful. And because Bulgaria is the land of "roses and yoghurt", has cheap snow ski resorts, black sea beaches, lots of hilarious eastern european people and real estate cheap enough for London artists to invest in, it's on the top of our list for vacation spots.

I decided to try to find some more bulgarian music links but most were of
this flavor and even I have limits.

I did discover a few amusing recordings from Radio Bulgaria on this
shortwavemusic blog. This guy records radio broadcasts on his scratchy shortwave radio from places such as Cairo and elsewhere. Another great example of what the Internet does for us. I hear the Internet's catching on big these days?

Radio Bulgaria does have a slick website with some streaming music programs. I managed to find this mp3 and this mp3 of a program with some lovely folk/gypsy stuff on it. Bulgarian choral type singing does also make an acceptable mix with electronica-ish Transglobal Underground stuff (warning, these songs have a bit of a drum and bass feel at the end).

So enjoy:

Side 1
1 -
Bulchenska Ratchenitsa
2 -
Marika Duma Pro Duma

Side 2
1 -
Byala Stala
2 -
3 -
Na Trapesa

You may also want to head over to Undomondo and pick up these beautiful klezmer tracks from The Cracow Klezmer Band and the Klezmeyers.

Unfortunately, this video is a bit slow, but it is a bulgarian wedding thing.


Anonymous said...

First of all thanks for this lovely music. However I think you missed track 4, Ivo's Dream. Can you post it?

dalston shopper said...

Pedro, I can see that Ivo's Dream is included on the cd version, but if you look at the image of the cassette cover in this post, you will see that it was not included in the cassette. But if you or anyone wants to send it to me, I will be glad to add it :)

Anonymous said...

I was thinking more of the opposite... But thanks anyway!

Anonymous said...

wow !
thanks a load for posting this.
i saw a tv doc clip about them years & years ago.
they always stuck in my head for the fantastic footage of a performance.
a tight as band & crazy wedding crowd raving it up.
often wondered if i would ever see/hear of them again.

Anonymous said...

heya - if you're interested in decent contemporary Bulgarian music (not that turbo-folk shit ), I think I should shamelessly plug my mate Roni's band Nassekomix


There's music to download and everything. They're alright and Roni's voice is amazing. The name's a pun on the bulgarian word for insect (nassekomu).

nice one.

dalston shopper said...

unfortunately, I think it's exactly the turbo-folk shit that we like over here at the Dalston Oxfam Shop tape blog. We don't like things that make us stroke our chin too much because then it reminds us that we forgot to shave this morning. But we often find that in the morning after, the stuff we thought was stupid seems really great . . . and the other way around.

La Rich said...

gosh you took me into another world shit dude i like love this gaff! i'm a music reviewer too well of sorts,
but gosh this is like going to mass! Love out