Monday, March 22, 2010

Techno Technically - 1995 Nick Watts mixtape

This is a tape given to me by Yasmina Dexter of Pandora's Jukebox dj and blog fame.  It is put together by part of the musical group Dubolition, Nick Watts.  It is a collection of very hard to find sort of techno/trance/acid from the mid 90s.  I can't say much about it other than that Nick was very kind to offer me a playlist of side 2 with as many tracks as he could remember.  I managed to identify a track from side 1 as well.  So there are a few individual tracks in low quality to download and then the full mixtapes.  I really like side 2.

Side 1 (direct link)

    Exit 9 - Insync vs. Mysteron (download 128k(buy full quality from itunes)

Side 2 (direct link)

Side 2 tracklisting:

    1 ?
    2 Thee J Johanz
    3 Berkana sowelu-solid fuel
    4 Hardkiss
    5 Dubolition Gizmo
    6 ?
    7 ?
    8 Claude Young- concentration factor  (download 128k)  (buy full quality from djdownload)
    9 ?


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