Tuesday, December 01, 2009

DJ Quark mixtape - Tex Mex

I have a lovely friend called Yasmina Dexter who writes the blog Pandora's Jukebox.  She is also a fashion muse (meaning she works for and has her claws in a variety of unimpugnable fashion lights).  She also djs as Pandora's Jukebox and on occasion has deigned to do so with me.  Knowing that I have a thing for the little tapes she finally gave me a bit of a collection she has.  Most them were made by her old flame DJ Quark, known by his mother as Jono and currently incarnated as Ping Specialist.

All I have ever wanted to be is a dj who can play all kinds of music together in a way that surprises and delights.  So people always ask me what kind of music I play, and what I really want to say is, "Just lots of great stuff" rather than "house music" or "drone rock".  Whether or not I can actually do that is a matter for history to decide.  But Dj Quark actually mixes together an unusual but fabulous variety of oddities and rarities from trip hop to acid dub darkness beatz.  I could only identify the Future Sound of London track on Side A.  But DJ Quark helped me to identify a few of the other tracks.  A number of them come from the Irdial label which had an interesting philosophy of putting its music out to download for free.  You can read about Irdial catalogue here and find more to download here.  One of their seminal artists, Insync's track Storm I have also made available for download below.  Air Liquide is another great artist with a mix of ambient and acid sounds.  And there's some really good slightly electronic dub from the Club Meets Dub compilation vol. 01 you can buy here.

The Future Sound Of London - You're Creeping Me Out (buy on Itunes)

InSync - Storm

Air Liquide - Liquid Air

Dubolition - Blaah

The Disciples - Cool Down

Side A (rapidshare)

Side B (rapidshare)


Anonymous said...

I'm sad to see that the link to this file has expired. Any hope that you might repost it?

dalston shopper said...

links fixed.

Anonymous said...


Lee said...

I loved the club meets dub series I have 1-4 I think in the attic Vol 1 is my fav.