Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Nitzer Ebb live - Edinburgh February 1989

This is another of Chris Low's collection of tapes he has generously loaned me.  The recording is not super amazing, but it's still great to get a feeling what a live industrial/EBM concert sounded more than 20 years ago.  I think Chris recorded this by carrying a boombox into the venue.  Check out the parties he's doing now.

Industrial and EBM music is having a bit of a moment now with parties like the Endurance party which has happened a few times at the Korsan Bar on Kingsland Road.   We used to play some of this stuff at the Come parties we did back in 2008 in Dalston and I've been djing New Beat and industrial stuff for a while now cause the raw synth sounds are amazing.  I like to pick the stuff that is slightly more poppy cause some of it can be a bit hardcore for the unitiated.  Another track I really like right now is Fire by Dance or Die.

FYI, Douglas McCarthy did some projects recently with Terrence Fixmer who was a key part of the Electroclash scene on International Deejay Gigolo records, for those that remember.

Anyhoo, enjoy.  I've ripped out a live version from this set of the track Hearts and Minds and also included the version off the album so you can compare.  But pop over to itunes and buy the complete Belief album.  This set was from different albums from 85-90 - my favorite era.  Can you believe they started in 1983?!!

Merry EBM Christmas!!

Side A
(yousendit) (rapidshare)

Fitness To Purpose
Warsaw Ghetto
Violent Playground
Let Beauty Loose (not on tracklisting)
Blood Money
Hearts and Minds
Join in the Chant
For Fun

(yousendit) (rapidshare)

Let Your Body Learn
Control I'm Here

(direct link)

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Unknown said...

Hi Dalston Shopper,
Always enjoy the blog. I love those EBM sounds, 'middle period' industrial as I would call it... Here's a link to a cassette mix I did in 2004 of industrial dance tracks.

Side 1:

Side 2: