Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Chris Low - Trax Bedroom Mix - jackin house

Chris Low has given me a number of excellent mixtapes and this is a mix he made himself.  It's a lot of stuff that you could find on Dance Mania or Trax records.  Very basic hard jackin early house.  He made it for a 91.5 WPRK radio in the US in 1996.  

Chris ran and DJd at a number of Scotland’s most successful club nights throughout the 1990s: SOMA, SKIDOO, PHUTURE JACKS, SEX BEAT, XS and the legendary AHOY! ferry-boat all-nighters. Chris also guested at the aftershow parties on Kraftwerk’s 1991 tour as well as having DJd throughout Europe, America and Tokyo.   Here are a few pics which Chris sent me.


Chris tried to remember the track listing for this  mix though in some places there are records mixed that seem to be white labels or disappeared. You can download both mix sides below as well as a few tracks from the mix.  I've included below a track from Steve Poindexter not in the mix, but which is incredible.

You can find Chris on Facebook here.


Side 1 (download)

1)      Parliament Funkadelic – Free Your Mind intro (signature set opener)
2)      Terrence McDonald – Spaced Out (Saber)
3)      Bryant Stewart – Dance Wit Me (Maad Trax)
4)      DJ Rush – Beat The Devil (Force Inc)
5)      DJ Rush - ? white label
6)      K-Alexi Shelby – Club MCM (Rhythm Beat)
7)      DJ Puff – Work This MF (Dance Mania)
8)      Quad – Gherkin Beat (Dance Mania)
9)      Robert Armani – Up (ACV)
10)  Steve Poindexter – Whiplash (Muzique)
11)  DJ Rush - ? track on Child’s Play EP (Dance Mania)
12)  K Alexi Shelby – Jazz (Djax)
13)  Skyman I – Skoba Dee (Drewsky mix) (Dance Mania)
14) DJ Deeon - Akceier 8 (original mix)
14)  Steve Poindexter – Body Heat (Muzique)
15)  Houz Mon & DJ Funk – Over Dose (Underground Trax)
16)  ? – Circuit Records white label

      Side 2   Download

? - something backwards
1)      Paul Johnson – Mindwarp (razor)
2)      DJ Rush – Slam Jack (Knee Deep)
3)      ? – haven’t a clue!! Mad record tho.
4)      Mixx Blood camero – Psycho House (Saber)
5)      Traxmen – Playin’ With A Rubberband (Dance Mania)
6)      ? – Dance mania white label
7)      White Knight – Yo baby Yo / white label / Lil Louis – Video Clash / Steve Poindexter – Work That MF / Robert Armani – Ambulance (5 track mix!)
8)      Quad – Work That MF beat (Dance Mania)
9)      Trackstars – Hardcore Trax (Dance Mania)
10)  ? – Dance Mania white label
11)  Jammin’ Gerald white label
12)  Drew Sky – Pussy Make The World Go Round (Chicago Power)
13)  Groove Source – This MF is Hype (Underground Construction)
14)  ? – Dance Mania white label
15)  DJ Rush – Rush Revenge (Dance Mania)
16)  A Guy Called Gerald – Blow Your House Down (Rham)

Steve Poindexter - Computer Madness


greg said...

dalston shopper said...

That's excellent greg. Thanks. Love that track.

Chris Low said...

Mucho respec', Greg. Couldn't for the life of me remember what that track was.

grosun said...

wow, nice one. Hadn't thought about Soma for some time.. used to go there regularly in 91/92 (??) when it was on at the citrus club.. downloading for sure!

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i would love t purchase it off of you