Friday, June 10, 2011

Maria & the Mirrors - Travel Sex EP

I'm a big believer in people.  I want to believe that special people have something special that will make them keep doing special things.  Maybe this is because I want to believe in heroes.  When I hear a really good band I want to believe there is something special about their songwriting that no one else can imitate and want to believe that they will continue to do amazing things.  This is why I continue to be intrigued by Metronomy for example.

Maria & the Mirrors is a band that I've loved from the first time I saw them at the Offset festival a few years ago.  Since then I've written about them and they have done various gigs and blah blah.  But they're still around and they have a new ep out called Travel Sex and I still think their sound is unique, raw, trancelike and not formulaic.  It's like 3 blind people trying to map Godzilla's skin in Logic. . . 

This is not the title track from the ep but I like it probably best. I assume it was named after this film but who knows.  I didn't ask.

Valerie a tyden divu

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