Monday, June 21, 2010

Total Shite Vol 1

Although generally it must be agreed that I post perhaps the most critically acclaimed music you could find, from seminal rare techno to forgotten essential congolese soukous, now and then I feel it is necessary to expose oddities which may not be quite critically acclaimed.   Whoever made this tape must have worked for EMI - looks like maybe a compilation of stuff that either they had received as submissions or else just some random stuff they found.  Either way, it's pretty special stuff.  Tracks like Jessica are actually a decent quality recording.  But most of these are in a league of personal expression of their own.  Which makes you wonder if the Internet and everyone being able to easily make their own music is actually a good or bad thing.

Total Shite side
1. America
2. Do i want you
3. If love can win
4. So long ago
5. Its Christmas for Jesus
6. Norwegian Wood
7. Girl of my dreams
8.Rude Skanker
9. We would have problems
10. This old heart of mine
11. Raindrops keep falling on my head
12. Why
13. ??!????
14. Get back
15. Where does Santa go in Summer
16. All that love you gave me
17. Killing me Softly
18. ?????
19. Close to you
20. Conversation in Surburbia

Worst Flatulence side
Underworld avenue / America - J.Spencely
Do I want you - M.Lett
Diamond of your mind - R.Kray
If love can win - J.Hudson
So Long ago - R.Corbett
Jean - R.Beard
Let him damce - R.Beard
Jessica - R.Kray


Anonymous said...

R. Kray sounds suspiciously like Paul Shane (Ted Bovis) of "Hi De Hi" fame. Great blog by the way.

DDay said...

Wonderfully awful ;-)
Thanks for sharing!
Too bad there are no names or credits. Wouldn't it be fantastic to confront the perpetrators after all these years?

Unknown said...

Actually this tape would have been sent to advertising agencies, tv production companies and (dare I say it) other 'creatives', for the purposes of licensing the songs.