Saturday, July 04, 2009

D-Frost 20 Global Dance Warnings

You've been warned!! (cause they're global dance warnings - get it? ;))

"My name is Barbarella. I'm from planet earth." This is Sven Vath work from when he first started playing techno. Great story of his about how he built up clubs and developed himself in Frankfurt in the mid to late 80s. I was at Dorian Gray in 91.

I think side A of this cassette is a bit lame, but side 2 has a number of hits I've posted individually below. I particularly love the Dreams of Heaven, which was from an Australian one hit wonder, and rumored to play in the nightclub scenes of soap opera Neighbors.

Complete side B - listen streaming here

B01West EndThe Love I Lost
Featuring - Sybil
B02K.W.S.The KWS Hitmix
B03System 77:7 Expansion
B04Naughty By NatureHip Hop Hooray
B06Ground LevelDreams Of Heaven
B07Praga Khan Featuring Jade 4UPhantasia Forever
B08A Separate RealityI'll Take You There
Featuring - Shelley P
B09Air TattooSynaesthesia
B10BarbarellaBarbarella 2 (sharebee) (direct link)

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