Thursday, January 01, 2009

A.E. Bizottság - Kalandra Fel!! Hungarian post-punk

Sorry there has been a bit of a delay in the blogging. I am travelling for a month in Tanzania and Zanzibar, in east africa, so the Internet has not been foremost on my thoughts. Hopefully, I will find some excellent Taraab and Swahili music while here however and post one or two things up before February.

I don't know much about this cassette other than that I think it was part of a rock/post-punk movement in Hungary in the early 80s. I bought a whole bunch of Hungarian cassettes, including some from Beatrice (sp?) from someone at a small car boot sale behind the Dalston train station. Excellent! Some of this is really quite good stuff - I was surprised. Hopefully I will find a chance soon to upload the second half. Check out in particular the track Linaj, Linaj, Van-Van-Van.


A1Köszöntő [Address/Invitation]
A3Brutális [Brutal]
A4Konyhagyeplő [Kitchen Rein]
Guitar [Solo] - Y. Sándor Bernáth*
A5Linaj, Linaj, Van-Van-Van [Linay, Linay, Van-Van-Van]
A6Ne Nagyon Gesztikulálj [Don't Gesticulate So Much]
A7Vaniliaálomkex [Vanilia-Dream-Biscuit]
A8Bestia [Beast]
A9Versike [Rhyme]
A10Na Ne Hülyéskedj [Stop Kidding]
B1Egy Lány Kéne Nekem [I'd Need A Girl]
B2Már Megint Ez A Depresszió [Depression Back Again]
B3Nem Bírom A Gyűrődést [Pooped Out]
B4Mindez Én Vagyok [All That Is Me]
B6Szerelem, Szerelem [Love, Love]


Anonymous said...

Haha, I'm from Hungary, and I just have to tell you that you find some finest piece of art-pop-punk-dada whatever you like to call itt music.
Because The AE Bizottság was founded by artists - painters, writers, etc. - who were not able to play music, 'cause they aren't were musicians, they even didn't know how to dig a guitar.
So what you hearing on that album is a collection of live gigs, performances and so on, where they create some musical instrument.
Its really interesting but not in a musically way.

Anyway my fav band, what I usually offer to everybody who wants some fine stuff from the 80's hungarian alternative era is VHK - Vágtázó Halottkémek - in english: Gallopping Coroners.
You have to hear them! Seriously!

Anonymous said...

thank's for the music

Anonymous said...

nice find. hope you can load the other tracks. the first side was quite enjoyable. thanks

Anonymous said...

Another Hungarian here...

This is widely considered to be the best Hungarian record ever (or at lkeast on of the five best). You might want to check this out:
Starts off a bit slow.

Anonymous said...

I'm Italian and i just can say that one year ago i discovered A.E.Bizottsàg and aaaaahhhhhh i can't have enough of their music...I LOVE IT!!!
I love also HOBO BLUES BAND!!!! and many others...and you know.hungary has got so many good musicians (rock, jazz, traditional..) that i'm always wandering why Bon Jovi has to be more famous than them!!! :D

- Grancso kollective (i hope is written like this) lover -

Anonymous said...

loving it. check out this little beauty. (beware, it's so catchy)