Monday, April 28, 2008

Smylonylon 18 - Diskolos mixtape

I don't want this blog to become a Smylonylon posting spot so I will put up a new cassette in the next few days. But this Smylonylon tape is too amazing to leave to my friends only. This IS the definition of spaced out disco. Lots of people are chasing this sound but this cassette gets it so right. I've posted previous Smylonylon stuff here, but this is probably the most amazing for being equally obscure and yet very enjoyable. I think Magnifique on the first side is a standout track (you can sample it on my other blog here) and the end of side B covers that amazing Black Devil album that has been floating around the web, with some tracks to sample on the Yermam blog here.
I had to post the Depeche Mode - Big Muff track after I listened again to Side B last night. It's such a good mix. If anyone has the Steve Bender - Good Lovin' send it to me. I can't find it.


jez said...

thanks for unearthing these todd - jeweltones for my new old stocks.

Anonymous said...


david said...


i am more & more into disco, it totally got me sincce a few month.

but... this mixtape just blew me away! is there any chance to get more infos on the track, which comes after the depeche mode one?! it's named
"kebel flektrik - war dance", but google find nothing!!

PLS your site is bananas!

dalston shopper said...

Smylonylon was a bit special in the tracklisting. The band is actually called Kebelelektrik. Here is a link to the album and the video. Classic work involving Gino Soccio again.

quidtum said...

What a pity that you made a mistake and posted for side A actually the link of Smylonylon No. 1 - Side A, same dropbox links unfortunately... Thanks for these great tapes!!!

dalston shopper said...

Quidtum this has been rectified!! thanks for pointing this out.

quidtum said...

Huge thanks for the fix!!! Thanks a lot again!!!