Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Special Fetes

I picked up this tape in a flea market in south Paris a few weekends ago.  Not really sure what song is which or what the song titles are but I was loving this arabic cover of Barbie Girl by Aqua.  I've also included two other tracks just to show what it sounds like.  I thought it was also interesting that one of the tracks, while sounding like typical party music you might hear blaring from a Lebanese restaurant, also has shades of Scottish bagpipe music.

Barbie Girl - arabic cover version

Track 1

Track 2


Maha said...
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Tim Abdellah said...

Nice post! The tape sleeve says it's from Oran, in Algeria. But none of the song titles match the lyrics of the songs you uploaded, so I think the cassette is an orphan. The track you uploaded as "track 1" is by Orchestre National de Barbés, called "Alaoui". The other 2 tracks sound like Algerian rai. By the way, the male lead singer from Aqua, who did the original version of "Barbie Girl", is apparently half Algerian! Thanks again for sharing.

Vance said...

Marahaba Todd,
Cool find. I'm reaching for the hummus right now!

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dalston shopper said...

Maha - I'm sorry I didn't respond to you earlier. You can e-mail me at the e-mail provided on this blog and I will respond and we can get in contact.