Friday, June 25, 2010

Trance 3 Various Artists

This is not really like the trance I normally think - or at least not like commercial stuff such as ATB's 9PM (Til I Come) which was a huge scene when I first moved to the UK in 1999.  This is more like early progressive dance and is part of a series of tapes which include the seminal techno compilation Technovisions which I featured way back when I started the blog. 

Like many tapes I've posted on this blog, my reason for posting is that it's a genre of dance music which falls between the classics that are well known and the current dance scene.  These era is currently the most difficult to find but its sound is so fresh again.  This tape features the Stealth Sonic Soul track which was produced by Apollo 440 (if you remember them) and also the Dust Brothers track Song to the Siren, which was one of the very first Chemical Brothers releases in 1992.  The only previous release is something done by Rowlands called Ariel - Rollercoaster / Mustn't Grumble in 1991.  It also has remix work by Andrew Weatherall and in general it's one of the best tracks on this comp.  I also really like the Van Basten - Lizard King remix but no idea who these guys are and even though their name appears on discogs - they seem lost to history.

Side 1:

1. Soul Odyssey - Rapture
2. Blood Runs Dry - All Of Your Mind
3. The Dust Brothers - Song To The Siren (Sabres Of Paradise Mix)
4. Stealth Sonic Soul - Stealth Sonic Soul
5. Van Basten - Lizard King (Amsterjam Mix)
6. Mad - Hollow

Side 2:

7. Shi-Take - Perfect Virtue (Full Moon Over Maduri Club Mix)
8. Otaku - Percussion Obsession (Back To Basics Trucker Mix)
9. Morgan King - I Am Free (Soma Mix)
10. The Pressure - Amor
11. Tom Tom - 480 Degrees
12. Jagga - Na-Na-Na (Acido Latino Mix)


Unknown said...

Trance is one of those words rather like Electro - i.e. you can't compare Man Parrish to Tiga & Zyntherius etc.
In c.1993-5, London had a healthy scene of clubs playing Techno/Trance - my club baptism was at Andrew Weatherall's Sabresonic, a key part of the scene. The Drum Club at the Soundshaft on Thursdays was another.
Labels like Leftfield's Hard Hands, Mr C's Plink Plonk and Camden's Zoom are examples of UK labels.
The other key part of this scene was Germany, especially Harthouse and Eye Q, with key people like Hardfloor, Sven Vath.
A quick primer off the top of my head - hope it's of use.
Hope you're well!

dalston shopper said...

Thanks Tom. Some of those names I know, some I don't. Wish I could have seen the scene at that time.