Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I found this a few other tapes in a street cart in Modica, Sicily, one of those kind of carts that normally sell burgers at car boot sales.  It is special because it falls into the eurodance/italo category, but after the classic italo period and moving into 1986 when the Stock Aitken Waterman sound and Sabrina's Boys Boys Boys style were becoming de rigeur.  And it appears a bunch of the tracks are quite rare in that they only appeared on a single and this comp, including the tracks from Ka-Zan, The Winners, Marilytz and Animal Heat. Unfortunately, the original tape was not in great recording quality even though it was new when I bought it.

These are all direct links so you can click and listen immediately.

Side A:

1. KA-ZAN – Give Me Your Heart
2. THE WINNERS – Freedom
3. BRIAN ICE – Tokyo
4. CARRARA – S.O.S. Bandido
5. MECCANO –Activate My Heart
6. CIAO FELLINI –Nocha A Bahia
7. JESSITA – Maybe This Night
8. MARILYTZ – She’s A Bad Girl

Side B

1. REGGIE –On The Park
2. MARIANA – Talk About Love
3. ANIMAL HEAT – Honey Words
4. PAUL SHARADA - Boxers
5. MARK MC DEAN – Italian Girl
6. EUGENE – Free Your Life
7. HOT COLD – I Can Hear Your Voice
8. MAX COVERI – One More Time

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