Wednesday, June 30, 2010


The Salsoul sound is well known and has been endlessly sampled, including most recently in the big hit You're Nasty by Duck Sauce (Arman van Helden and A-trak) which, like many big house tunes, is mostly great because of the original disco hook.  I was surprised when listening to this tape that it has a number of really good Salsoul tracks that are actually quite rare.  The Double Exposure and Surface tracks are lovely and fairly well known.  Anyway, ain't no groove like a D-Train groove if you know what I mean.  This is like apple juice in the morning when you're hung over . . . .  sweeeeeeet.

Side A:

Side B:

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Hayden Brown said...

I must say I was a bit skeptical when I read that you do a 'high quality' recording of a cassette tape each week, but upon hearing the goods I can gladly say I've never heard cassette tape sounding so good! Sorry I'm sure you must get that a lot.

Searching for Loleatta Holloway tracks brought me here but I'm equally as impressed with Jimmy Williams and Surface. I'll be playing some of these on my show next month and I'll give your site a shout out. If you click on my name it'll give you the URL for my page if you want to check in mid-April to have a listen. Never been to Dalston Oxfam despite a friend telling me it was pretty special and living close enough. Shame on me! Looking forward to checking out some of the other entries here on your blog.