Thursday, January 21, 2010

A Bitch Called Johanna - I'm A Bitch vinyl

I have just purchased a collection of 800 new beat, house, etc., records from my friend Chris Low, old school dj, and guy who loaned me a collection of amazing tapes.  This is one of the first ones I have recorded.

According to discogs vocals in this track from 1990 were from Wendy Wild who was a NY 80s downtown fixture and did work with John Sex, though it looks like the Bitch Named Johanna may have been Johanna Jimenez. 

Some great early 90s house sounds here, and I'm sure the acapella could be used for a lot of great remixing.  I actually like best the Bitch to Bitch on the clean side for the trigger looping of the phrase "I'm a Bitch".  Check out her in a vid below from 91 in the legendary Pyramid Club in NY.  Looks like there was also a related track done by Johanna Jimenez.  And I almost prefer this later 1994 version by Olga.

Also some hilarious Wendy Wild vid here with John Sex.

"Fellas?  I don't wanna know what you DO.  I wanna know who you ARE!!"


X Bitch

Bitch Moaning

X ' Capella

Bitch to Bitch


Anonymous said...

I just came across your post because I was looking around for Johanna Jimenez, wondering what she's been up to. I had totally forgotten about Wendy Wild singing back-up on "I'm a Bitch"! Thanks for the reminder! She was a close friend of mine.

I used to DJ and hang out at the Pyramid. Wendy worked and performed there as well and the Project X Records people hung out and rehearsed there sometimes. A Bitch Named Johanna was just the nicest person. She used to come to different places I DJed at and bring me records. I have fond memories of her rehearsing on the Pyramid stage with House of Extravaganza voguers.


Anonymous said...

I should have said that Johanna Jimenez IS a nice person. When I wrote "was" I didn't mean to give the impression that she is deceased like Wendy.