Thursday, October 22, 2009

Rap History 2007 mixtape

This blog has generally been known for posting music that is either rare or at least not recently in the spotlight. This mixtape on the other hand is essentially a mix of some of the top chart hip hop pop from 2007 - so it might seem like an odd choice for the blog. But I've been suddenly feeling like I've not heard any hip hop for a long while and in 2007 I was DEFINITELY mostly ignoring this genre. It is also a very good selection. So even though it includes 50 Cent, Lupe Fiasco, Kid Sister, and Cool Kids, it emphasizes my philosophy on music - there is no such thing as a bad genre of music or a bad time for music, no matter how recent - there is only such a thing as boring music. And that's a personal issue.

Given to me by artist friend Sam Porritt, who borrowed it from a friend's car who he was temporarily using. I think it's of Swiss origin - from, though I can't tell who CNDR or Motorcycle John are. Download, plug in, ride the tube, listen. Enjoy. Then probably next month I'll be droppin more Das EFX and Black Uhuru in my sets.

Side A - direct link (Rapidshare)

Side B - direct link (Rapidshare)

I'm also djing tonight (Thursday, the 22nd) at the Old Blue Last at the corner of Curtain Road and Great Eastern Street in Shoreditch. And on Sunday I'm djing at 8 pm at the Dogstar as part of the Oxjam Festival. I'm particularly proud to be part of this as my blog and djing has been linked to Oxfam from the very beginning (though really only by name only :)). I might choose to play a set of tracks which only come from tapes I've bought in Oxfam shops. It's the only UK show of A-Trak for some time and Annie Mac, Isa GT, David Sugar and many others are also playing. No guestlist as it's a charity event - more info and ticket links here.

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