Monday, June 28, 2010

Smylonylon 30 (the last one ever) + In Flagranti + Fabric

So here it is. The last Smylonylon mixtape ever made. This doesn't mean I won't post any more earlier ones, but this is a very special one. As I've said before, Smylonylon tapes were a series of special tapes made of rare 60s-80s pop, moog music, italo, disco, etc. They are a real special experience and a great place to discover lots of rare old stuff. I've posted previous cassettes here, as well as explained the link between Alex (half of In Flagranti) and the tapes.

When Alex gave me Smylonylon 1 he was surprised to find that I had a copy of Smylonylon 30, the last one. Then he told me the story - apparently about 6000 Smylonylon tapes were made and sold through the Centre for the Dull store in NYC in the 90s. Then in the fall of '99 he was in a restaurant in NY and someone was playing what sounded like a Smylonyon tape. But when he asked about it, the tape was labelled with someone else's name. With copycats in the wings, he decided it was time to get out of the Smylonylon business and start a band, which became In Flagranti. But he made one last tape, limited to 20 copies only, without a tracklisting so people couldn't copy. What makes this tape special even more than usual is that Alex speeds up a lot of the tracks considerably, or slows them down, and fiddles around lots with filters/eqs. So it becomes a very different mix than if you just listened to the original tracks.

I've managed to figure out and hunt down a few of the tracks on the tape. The first side is virtually impossible for me to identify cause it's mostly instrumentals. But the Android Sisters track is loopy (as in weird) and amazing. I had more luck with Side B and discovered a lot of tracks I'd never heard of. I never knew, for example, that there was a female french version of an early Fab Five Freddie (who Blondie raps about) track. And weirdly enough, I'd never heard of The Mood. Munich Machine is also an amazing track of theirs. I want to particularly thank the always amazing Saltyka blog where I found a bunch of these tracks.

I'm also posting this now cause In Flagranti are playing as part of a Durrr party at Fabric this Friday. So you can see the man who made these tapes play live on a fab sound system. And coincidentally I will be djing earlier in the night playing a lot of similar tracks. So come down and say hi - give me your nerdy tips for similar tracks you've discovered.

Also, check out youtube of the latest of In Flagranti's project Sounds Superb 5.

Side A (direct download)

Visage - Visa-Age
The Android Sisters - Robots are Coming

Side B (direct download)

The Mood - Don't Stop
Anne Clark - Our Darkness (12 inch version) (or Razormaid mix)
Kim Larsen & Jungledreams - Time Bomb
Buggles - On TV
John Cooper Clarke - Teenage Werewolf
? (instrumental)
Fab 5 Freddy (B-Side) - Change the Beat (female french version)
? (instrumental)
Rational Youth - Le Mailleur Des Mondes
Charles De Goal - Radio On
Altered Images - I Could Be Happy
Tone Band - Tokyo Twist
The Flirts - Surf's Up
? (something german)


Richard said...
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Anonymous said...

Once again ! Thank you !!!

Anonymous said...

When iz we gunna see sum bmore up in dis bitch?

dalston shopper said...

hahah! I can only imagine who is asking for more Bmore. Maybe next week I will post every single remix ever of "We Are Your Friends" instead.

dan said...

first song on side A I think is Instant Hit by the Slits.

dalston shopper said...

Please note. If there is a song on this post that you think should not be there, please request me to take it down. If you use the DMC and takes it down you will impair the rights of other artists to have their music exposed and read about.

Dave said...

the last song on side A is wall of voodoo - factory