Monday, April 20, 2009

djng this week in Nottingham and Ghent, Belgium

I'm so lame that I've been so busy to actually post music, which is too bad.  Last weekend at the Land of Kings festival, Lou & Nova rocked it out, as did Rory Phillips and super special guest Disco 3000 (Erol Alkan).  I got lucky to play just before Erol so I tried to lay down a disco set. It was amazing to play for that kind of crowd and play whatever I wanted, which happened to be mostly new synth disco.

Anyway, tomorrow I'm playing for the Liar's Club 6th Birthday.   All around the lineup is fantastic, but I want to give a special mention to Maria & the Mirrors which is actually one of my favorite live acts right now.  I can't explain it other than I feel like they could have stepped out of Warhol's factory.  Read about them on my previous review here.

I'm also djing on Friday night, the 24th at the Make Up club for I Heart Niyi's party in Ghent, Belgium.  More details on the party's facebook page.

Luckily for both parties I've been told that anything goes.  It so happens that I'm crazy about this track right now.  I just kind of works, especially if you listen for a while.  I think one of the reasons I love Empire of the Sun so much is their very excellent production.  I think the songwriting is just very well done, but the production is out of this world.  I like this other track by Dream Academy, which is quite similar, which might also seem quite naff, just because the production is excellent.

Dream Academy - Love Parade


Editor said...

Nice one... Dream Academy is good stuff... I just re-found "The Edge of Forever" good track ... give it a listen... Hope all is great.

Anonymous said...

how good is that cagedbaby mix!!!!!!!!!!!!