Thursday, March 19, 2009

WJLB - Live at the Warehouse with Spin Doctor Kim James - 1999

This is a gift from my friend Bohdan who is from Detroit and used to listen to this station, WJLB all the time on the weekend. He recorded this in 1999. It's full booty/ghetto/hip hop recorded live at the Warehouse in Detroit. The tracks are fantastic but even better is listening to the dj Spin Doctor Kim James work the crowd - calling out the playas and the hoes and pointing out girls he thinks are hot. All around it's an energy that I feel like I don't hear in clubs in London these days. I know that booty made a bit of a round on the dj circuit maybe 2-3 years ago, but this is like I've never heard it. Anyone who can name check some of the tracks, like the track where she says "if it's the last thing I do, I wanna go down on you", please post names in the comments. I gotta have it. I've posted one track from Dj Godfather which is in the mix with the great line "you got dem PHDs, dat's da 'playa hate disease'".

I'm off tomorrow to Miami for two weeks for the Winter Music Conference and to have fun. Going to go to Erol Alkan gig's, the Durrr gig and the disco pool party at the Gansevoort. If you're in Miami shoot me an e-mail. And if you want me to dj, I'll have my stuff with me. I got all kinds of freaky music, you know me. And I play for fun, not money :)

listen below.

side 1

DJ Godfather and Coon Daddy - See U No More

EDIT: I managed to get my friend Pierre to identify the other track I like which you can download below.  I think you need to speed it up a bit to get the right effect.

Aaron Carl - Down (original mix)


Anonymous said...

gel-n-weave - dj assault ...

Anonymous said...

have a great time and can't wait for your next tape

BestQuick said...

Best blog ever in the world ever!
I appreciate what you do and hope a meaningful thank you will motivate you to upload loads more mixtapes!
Please could you upload some more techno, or house stuff?
Much appreciated!

Gutter Broadcast said...

nick anything you like!:)

Connor Treacy said...

That's Aaron Carl - Down, heavily sped up!

BTW, I love this blog. Thanks!

LL said...

This is great, thanks.