Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Soukous Soukous - compilation tape

This tape is a compilation of some more amazing Soukous. I assume most of this is from Congo because it's not in Swahili, and the tracks are more of the soukous sound I love. Unfortunately even though there are lots of great names on the cover such as Danny Engobo and Pepe Kalle, none of the songs are tagged by artists. So I encourage anyone who reads this to tag the songs in the comments if you know them. I only included the songs which I like better. I think any one of them would make the dancefloor sizzle but I'm especially drawn to Soukous Tonic because of the fantastic guitar work.

Side A

Young Africa
Pousse Au Fond

Side B

Soukous Tonic

Adie Amie
Vacances Au Pays

I am also including a Soukous tape because we are finally doing another of our Manifesto parties and it's all about the SOUKOUS!! It's been almost a year since our last one and in the meantime lots of other parties have sprung up doing african music. The Double Club also opened, which is a big chic venue sponsored by Prada themed on the Congolese culture. We have been invited this Thursday, 5 March, to do Manifesto at that venue. With the help of some amazing musicians, including Fiston who plays in Zong Zing (who have played twice at Manifesto) and used to play in Samba Mapangala, we have booked the legendary Taxi Pata Pata which has been called one of the best Soukous bands in the world. Read all about Taxi Pata Pata, who was a big hit in the 80s, and come down and see them live. Details in the flyer below.


Anonymous said...

Haven't had a chance to d/l yet, but A1 (Egide) is most likely Zaiko LL from "Avis de Recherche". The track time jives.


icastico said...

cool, thanks.

Anonymous said...

Please post all songs. Some of them are raelities. thanks

Anonymous said...

Great music, thanks for sharing. Yes, please post all the songs. Apurva from Pune, India

Timothy said...

Thanks for getting into "Soukouss". I think it would be a great idea to explore "Congolese Rumba" in a broader sense. See which Congolese vinyl LPS and tapes you can find in the flea markets. Great names to look out include Grand Kalle (Joseph Kabaselle) Tabu Ley Rochereau, Franco & OK JAZZ / TPOK JAZZ, Verckys (Kiamanguana Mateta), Orchestre Bella Bella, Orchestre Kiam, Orchetre Kamale, Orchestre Lipua Lipua, Les Bantous Dela Capitale, Jean Bokello etc). Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Young Afric is Pepe Kalle

Unknown said...

soukous tonik is killer!!!

etienne/ radioclit